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Tips for raising conversion rate


Any tips and ideas on how to raise my profile’s conversion rate.

Thank you.


Don’t worry too much about conversion rates. Not many buyers on Fiverr want outlines, they come here for finished ‘product’ so to speak. You should consider offering a few different writing gigs that appeal to the main audience here - that would be people looking to promote their own businesses as cheaply as possible.

You also need to edit out all the parts about how you use Fiverr as practice and that writing is your hobby. That’s not going to give people confidence in ordering. Personality is good, but basically telling people that you’re inexperienced and that Fiverr is just a spare time thing isn’t helping your conversion rate. Good luck!


What is the conversion rating for?

sorry for the question!


@itsyourthing - Exactly! You nailed it right on the head.

@renflowergrapx - It just shows how many people actually purchase your gig that look at it. So… If you’ve had 10 views on your gig, and sold 5 gigs from those 10 views… your conversion would be 50%

@daniyal_22 - Basically… the only sure-fire way to raise it is when you have repeat clients. Because they click on your gig and always buy it. That raises your conversion.

But like states. Conversion rate has no bearing really on sales. It’s just a nice little number for you to look at to see how your gig is performing.


Like they mentioned above it is not wise to make yourself sound unexperienced, especially when your type of gig is very saturated on the market. You also want to gave more than one gig so you have better chances of total impressions and can attract different audiences.


@itsyourthing @tylerullery I didnt mention in my gig description that I am inexperienced in the service that I am providing. I shed some light on my past work which involved writing articles (in which I failed because of the lack of experience in it)

I thank you all for taking your precious time for giving me some insight on the conversion rate.

@bigbadbilly I personally thank you for sharing your experience at with all of the newbies and less experienced sellers.


Reply to @daniyal_22: It is in your about me you made yourself sound inexperienced. New buyers look at that stuff.


Yep I removed that part some hours ago, it will take a while to show some edits in my profile. Thanks @tylerullery.


I think you shouldn’t worry about having a low conversion rate. A low conversion rate will actually give you a higher position in search pages.

If the intention of the system is to give gigs an equal opportunity it would give gigs that have a lower conversion rate more opportunity (since it takes more sales for an order) and gigs with a higher conversion rate lower opportunity (since it takes them less views to get a sale - and they get a lot of repeat orders too anyway.)

I think we should all completely disregard conversion rate as the system will automatically take care of it. e.g. if you have a very high conversion rate, you will be ranked lower and as your conversion rate drops, you will progress upwards. But if you gig is very good, it will drop downwards and then stabilise at a position relative to the others.

This is the best way for fiverr to give everyone a good chance and based on my experience it is happening this way (at least to a certain extent.)


From what I recall reading… The more gigs you have your conversion rate will be low as well. Some gigs get clicked more when viewed than others.

So more gigs = lower conversion rate if some get hit less than others etc.

I could be wrong but I do recall reading that back in January.


I found that my conversion rate went up, and I made more sales, when I created another gig and used both my gigs to sell the other. Cross-marketing between my gigs seemed to help increase sales. Maybe that’s something you can do with yours? I dunno.


The comments above are important and there is a lot of angles to look at at the same, but I would focus on your daily sales and not your conversion rate. The more lean (cheap) your deal is the higher your conversion rate. The more profitable your deal is the lower your conversion rate.

For instance if you offered a service for free, your conversion rate would be awesome, but you’re profits would not be.

I am more interested in getting the right jobs that are a good fit for my skills and at a target hourly rate. (For me, having no jobs is better than having the wrong jobs.)

I use to do 10 $5.00 jobs a day. (12 hours a day) Now I do 2-3 $25-$50 jobs a day. (4 hours a day. Income is about the same, but I am sure my conversion rate is lower. I am not sure what my conversion rate is right now?

In the first 4 months, I worked really hard because I had a vision for where I could take it and I hope it encourages you to see that you can really make it happen and it’s worth the time investment to push through.

For each new gig, make incredible deals on the first 100 deliveries, Work extra hard on them. Give $25.00 worth of service for $5.00 and invest that time into building your account. Keep 100% Ratings, and pile up the reviews. It has worked for me and I look forward to the new adventures for me here on Fiverr.


Reply to @landongrace: Excellent advice.