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Tips For Rank gigs & find much more order from Buyer

*From my own knowledge, I have given some opinions below:

  1. See at least 10 gigs in your category and collect the correct keyword. Write a professional description. a to z How did they give the description, how did they maintain the prize, this means don’t copy exactly.
  2. Take the help of any professional if you need to spell I-Caching.
  3. Put all the collected details in a text editor and submit slowly. Jane does not need to be edited a second time.
  4. Try to stay online for a long time.
  5. If you give 5/6 gig at the beginning, you can get frustrated. Submit 1/2 professional gig.
  6. Which is the most important skill to keep growing
    I have expressed my personal opinion, if you like it, you can accept it, I hope it will come in handy.
    Happy Fiverr.
    Here my gig link wishes you rate it. -

Who is Jane, and what does this sentence even mean?

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