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Tips for Remove negative reviews from your account

Hi guys,

How are you all ?

Today i share with you a best tips that will mostly important for your fiverr career.

Some times we have faced a problem that we get negative (1*) reviews from buyer .
Since we completed the project successfully but the buyer give bad reviews.
So,when you completed your project perfectly with your all working proof and if you faced the problem that buyer give you negative reviews, at first go to customer support team and place a ticket.
the customer support team will contact with your within few moment and if you show them your perfect work proof, the customer support team will give you a chance to send buyer a review change option but if the buyer will not response this, May the support team will remove your negative review.

So guys, follow the above tips to be success and mainain your average positive rating.
thanks for your time.
Happy Freelancing.
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1 out of 100 I guess will have luck :stuck_out_tongue: you had luck may be :smiley:

i have faced this problem and when i contact with support team, they solved my problem.

Customer will never give you bad review if they get what they want…


A buyer appreciated my work in order conversation. But after auto completion buyer left negative review. I contact with support with screenshots of conversation but they said removing negative reviews is against our policies. This happened About 10 days ago. Can I contact them again??

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It is true mate, there are some buyers are hard to get a understanding communication, it happened with me a person doesnt consulted me and bought the basic package and started to requering for things that was in premium package, anyway I delivered beyond and exactly what she asked but she left a bad review anyway. :neutral_face:


is that thing will be true ?

This is silly… If you get a bad rating then obviously your client is not satisfied.

There’s no point contacting support to ask for removal as it would defeat the purpose of any reviews in the first place.

thanks its a very helpful tip, i will keep in mind for future:slightly_smiling_face:

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it will not work. and i think this is not useful tips

i suggest you that do not post anyting if you don’t know clearly about it


have you done this yet ?

yeah do that and you’ll be bye bye…
first… why would I contact support for just for negative review.? buyer’s are human not a robot.
buyer will give you the best review if you do a good job.
and plus… doing that will cause your account removal.
fiverr protect the buyers. . as shown in fiverr tos

There ARE instances where Buyer was obviously satisfied and highly commended Seller. But leaves rating that contradicts the commendation.

If it’s by accident then the buyer can modify his review still. I can’t think of an instance where the buyer leaves a negative review if they are satisfied.

Nice one :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Great Tips : ) Thanks a lot