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Tips for selecting the best seller.....!

New to fiverr? I know that feeling. Everyday thousand of new buyers and sellers are sign up, thousand of gigs being created. But how to select the best seller?
You can control each and every process in fiverr quite well. Because you are in a unique position!


Don’t forget “orders in queue.”

If I see someone with 18 Orders in Queue, I know he’s really good because he’s getting a lot of business.


Yeah. But it’s better to contact seller before place the order!


Maybe if they are a new seller. If a buyer is selecting someone with a significant track record, then contacting them isn’t needed. It depends on the category AND if the seller is newer.

Also, buyer requests are not usually the best method for picking sellers.
Many established sellers don’t monitor those daily, but many newer sellers do. A buyer may get 10-30 responses, but those responses vary widely in terms of experience and track record.

Buyers would do well looking at the leaders in each category, and the newer sellers are also easy with the filters available for searching.

Get a sense for what is the best quality work on Fiverr, and the price ranges for available services.

If you plan a larger project, buy a $5 sample from the experienced sellers. Experienced sellers rarely do free samples, but for a larger project a $10 or $20 budget, spread over a few sellers is a great way to find the right fit.

Select a couple established sellers, and try out someone new IF you like their samples.

I’m not against buyer requests, but it’s not the place where most mid-level or higher sellers monitor on a regular basis. Many of us rarely visit anymore, because the quality of the requests varies so much.


I agree with you on selecting sellers by looking at gigs, checking displayed sample work, and even asking questions in many cases. I think that Buyer Requests is a good place to post if you need something incredibly unique and can’t find anyone or if you really want to get a lot of responses in case one might be a fit. I can’t agree that it’s the best thing on your list, just because buyer requests often get a large number of replies from people who respond to nearly every request as fast as they can.

It’s worth knowing about for sure, but if a gig can be found through hunting through existing gigs for a good match, I think that takes the top spot. IMO only, though!


Some buyers come with low budget, and some need incredibly unique service. At that moment posting buyer request may be more efficient than searching for gigs! :blush:
And don’t forget that Every top rated and mid-level seller have been a new seller at the beginning.


Please don’t do that unless the seller writes “please contact me before ordering.”

I really want to avoid unnecessary chit chat, a lot of buyers visit the forum, and sometimes assume every seller wants to be contacted.

Another question I hate is “what do I need to order?”


Wait…have you ever wondered whether some of them are late? As someone who has never delivered an order late, I definitely doubt having more orders in queue is a way to judge the quality of the seller.


Amazing tips :slight_smile: keep it up


Not necessarily, one of my favorite competitors has 1-day delivery on his gig and he always has a queue of 10 to 20, sometimes more.

Besides, the reviews can tell you if the seller is often late. If you see “cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time,” that’s bad. However, if the last time the seller got that review was 3 to 6 months ago, maybe he’s not doing that anymore. Even so, sometimes a seller is late because the buyer demands a revision. The best thing to do then is to use resolution center to solicit an extension.


I always want buyers to contact me before ordering the gig. Writing, like much of what is offered on Fiverr, isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. What a buyer might expect isn’t necessarily what I might deliver. For me, communication with the seller is key to finding the right one.


There are some buyers who threaten the sellers for asking refunds after complete the work.
They say “I’ll give you negative feedback if not refund” or something.


Buyer reviews are irrelevant. When I get an order, I can’t see what reviews my buyers have gotten. Now if my buyers have gigs on Fiverr, I can see the reviews those gigs get, but that doesn’t affect me in any way.

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Haha yes I hate the “what do i need to order?”. It’s all in the gig description… usually! I’m one of those sellers who likes to be contacted just to make sure I have the time as I do work outside fiverr too, but totally get sellers who are like “keep it short and sweet, let’s get busy!” :slight_smile:


Thanks for share your ideas. It is very helpful for me every sellers. :slight_smile:


Yesterday I found a quick way to deal with this problem. Let’s say they ask you a stupid question like

"How much? How long? What do you do? "

You click “view gig” and then copy and paste.

$10 Basic
3 Days Delivery 1 Revision
10 whatever with whatever

$20 Standard
3 Days Delivery 1 Revision
10 whatever with whatever 2

This saves time, and you’re not insulting the buyer, I think.


Thank you so much…

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Don’t forget that there are new sellers here too. Some are truly professionals only that they just started selling on fiverr newly.

Check that out too!


I have seen buyers who demand the quality work but they offer you a low amount.

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I don’t even offer sample for $100 project o.O

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