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Tips for seller

Don’t be so engrossed on selling that you forget the thrill of BUYING

Buy from time to time.

Buy the gigs of your competitors and see where they stand.And also, you will get the opportunity to learn more. I honestly believe that every human is my superior in some way. With this ideal, I get to learn from everybody. :slight_smile:

All my competitors are welcome to buy my gig. :smiley:

Personally, I thought your post was going to be good and helpful until I read it all. Suggesting that one should buy competitor gigs and attempting to eliminate them by giving them negative reviews is horrible.

jayblue555 said: Buy the gigs of your competitors and see where they stand.And also, you will get the opportunity to eliminate competition by negatively reviewing them. >:)

In fact, being a seller myself, when I do buy gigs I am cautious to be as positive as I can and if the experience isn’t great, I remain as neutral as possible. Unless the person actually delivers nothing, I either give a very positive review or none at all. If someone appears to be a scammer, I still remain neutral but report them to Customer Support and let them make an unbiased decision.

It is also against the Fiverr Terms of Service to deliberately manipulate reviews. While I encourage sellers to buy from other sellers to evaluate competition or to genuinely use the product, I strongly suggest that leaving negative reviews for the purpose of causing harm is a terrible idea.

"Targeted Abuse - We do not tolerate users who engage in targeted abuse or harassment towards other users on Fiverr."

Reply to @fonthaunt: I get the idea you are a prudent seller. I Honestly don’t blame you for taking my post in bad light. I meant “negative review” as a humorous entertainment .
What you have pointed is in it’s totality a completely fair reaction. For all those who thought I want to disrupt the seller, buyer relation by this isolated cynicism . Please find the humour and laugh at it.
And I have also shown by real thoughts ,hidden behind my sarcasm previously ,now.

Reply to @jayblue555: I figured you might intend it humorously and I really do love good humor. The problem is, there are way too many sellers that would not understand what you wrote. They would take it as a serious tip and damage someone which could easily end up causing their own damage as well. Unfortunately reviews are gold on Fiverr and I think it’s overdone, but it’s true. For someone who is feeding a family with Fiverr money, a negative review isn’t funny. Otherwise, I’d be right with you. Good luck out there.

hello guyzz…
i am new sign up nd thanks for the idea’s…

Great Idea, Thank you very much