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Tips for sellers by a new buyer


Hello everyone I hope you’re having an amazing day. I would like to give 2 tips to new sellers based on my experience with my recent purchases.

Replying to buyer requests.

I currently made a buyer request for my need and told sellers to add word “marketing” in their reply to my buyer request. I received around 15 replies to my request but only 2 sellers added word “marketing.” This clearly shows that seller hasn’t read my offer and is very desperate to get sales.

If you’re a seller who replies to buyer requests often, Please read it carefully before sending your offer. Read your buyer 's requirements carefully and make sure to add a unique proposal according to that. This will definitely increase your chances for getting that buyer 's attention.


So this was my biggest purchase so far on fiverr and I made an offer to a seller and immediately got a reply from the seller. I was dumbstruck after seeing how professional this buyer was. She kept the conversation to the point and only asked for details needed to complete the order and delivered as per my expectations. So I would like to see a seller who replies to me asap and keeps a professional conversation.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.


When I don’t sleep, I also immediately (like in less than a minute) reply and thank the buyer for the info and for using my service. You can’t imagine how much of an impact it has on buyers, and how many have thanked me just for that gesture.

Btw, nice test you did with the “marketing” word in BR… a great idea to use as a “recaptcha”.


Yeah i think this technique is also good tip for buyers. Add a word to be included in reply to a BR and spam will be filtered out.


It is usually a lot more common to use some phrase or word that the freelancer should write if he/she read the description on other freelancing sites. I haven’t checked the buyer requests lately, but what you said above it’s a great tip for new buyers.


I prefer asking simple questions in my request. Repeating a word will eliminate obvious spam, but it doesn’t always mean that the seller actually understood the request.

For example: “I need a mascot logo for a local hokey team called Yeti Squad. Their primary color is light blue and since it’s a kids league it needs to be a friendly Yeti. It needs to be a vector file (preferably *.AI) and the time frame is 7 days. Budget $60. In your offer please tell me which elements would you use on the logo.”

If I get answers like “Ice rink background and 2-3 Yetis with hockey sticks in their hands” then I’ll reach out to the seller with further details. It doesn’t mean that’s the way logo ends up, but at least seller showed that they understood the request.

It’s a simple question for sellers and as a buyer I don’t have to read copy/paste profile info.


Well I did mention all of my requirements and expectations from sellers. But if they don’t have time to read what’s written then I don’t think he/she is a good match.


Thanks for the info.