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Tips for Sellers that are also Buyers


(For many this brief article is obvious, however, since in the past 10 days, I have come across 3 Buyers that are also Sellers and did not know this information, I find it important to share. )

If you purchase Gigs from other Sellers, this means you are now a “Buyer”.

So you are not to be the last to respond in a conversation, but the Seller you have contacted is.

Here’s the reason :

Like you (and them), I want a 100% RESPONSE RATE and, if reasonable, “within an hour”…Some sleeping hours excluded ;))

Some have misunderstood the fine details of the Response Rate.

The Sellers are the ones getting “Rated” for their Response… NOT the Buyer, EVEN IF you are a Seller.

There are two references where you can find this information on the Fiverr platform.

1/ On your Dashboard, just hover your curser over “Response Rate”; and

2/ On our Fiverr Academy Homepage, go to : “5 Tips for Providing High Quality Service on Fiverr”, under the Subtitle : “Be Responsive”.

Notice it is the Sellers guidelines. (Not Buyers)

Happy Buying and Selling !


Nice post. Thank you so much.


It is my understanding that only your first response to a buyer is factored into the response rate.


You are correct @adrover

I think you are one of them @cocoloavoartist. Only the first message counts in response rate. You do not have to be the last one to respond.


I think it´s still not clear though if/from when on it counts as a ‘new round’, if the same person messages you after quite some time? Say a former buyer messages you three months after your last conversation, or someone messages you to ask for tips, you reply to not let your response rate take a drop and they message you again 35 days after that, would it influence your response rate, if you ignored the message then or not? (Obviously you shouldn´t ignore a message from a former buyer :wink: just for the technicalities.)
Is it really only the first message that counts ‘for the rest of your/their time on fiverr’?


I dunno about that.

Two or three days ago, my response rate went from 1 hour to 1+ week. I typically answer right away, on occasion within few hours, when I’m at work or sleeping.

I always let my sellers have the last word on every conversation, just in case, not to mess up their rate.

Little perturbed to see the one week on my profile, but not enough to call CS.


Nice post… You’re blessed