Tips for sellers to avoid being "cheated"?


Some buyers out there are extremely unreasonable and often ask you to do work that’s well over the $4 you receive after the job is done. Then, when you ask for a mutual cancellation, they throw a fit and whine about how you are lame and can’t get a “simple” job done.

“Are you f***ing serious?! You’re asking me to do over an hour of work for $4 USD!” you shout at them through your computer screen, proceeding to flip over a table in frustration and agony.

And, a lot of the time, the buyer won’t even cancel and play this sort of “passing the basketball back and forth” game in order to get what they want out from you. It’s a waste of time!

So sellers, do you have any tips such as things you place in your gig video, description, order description, etc. that minimizes this blasphemy? Well, not really blasphemy, but you know what I mean…




I looked at your gigs and you have stated VERY CLEARLY what you will do or not do. If the person is not happy with those limits, ask them politely to purchase gig extras or double purchase the gig.

My experience with people like this (like there’s this one girl who acts like I’m here to SERVE her) is to be polite with them. I saw that if I remained calm, used loving words, and said, “I would be happy to refund your money,” they really can’t argue with me. How are you going to argue with someone batting their eyelashes and offering you cookies? :smiley:

Last time someone threw a fit at me, I used this “loving” language to her she literally just never messaged me back. She did not cancel the gig but she just accepted my services and shut her mouth.


I just sent a cancellation on a craigslist ad gig, he wanted multiple written and ordered 3 gigs. He REFUSED to acknowledge my requests(polite! ) to submit order all the way. explained the process. I just got a cancellation put in by support. I don’t have time to worry about that as I work a full time job and am a single parent. so i agree!