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Tips For Sellers Who Are Not Native English Speakers


Agreed. If no effort is put in then I will steer clear of them. I work a lot with non English speakers so my tolerance level is probably higher than most but lack of effort is a cardinal sin for me.
At the same time, some buyers come to Fiverr (or elsewhere for that matter) simply looking for cheap labor. Those that do that should expect that the cheapest sellers will have a low level of English and not expect Oxford level English from a logo designer from Mumbai.


dear sir, is very nice advice thank


Thanks for the pin! (I’m assuming?). Yes, the incorrect gender compliment definitely won’t get people very far.


Not sure I could be disciplined enough for that. Kind of like trying to watch one episode on Netflix.


There’s another problem, though. This is a platform where you can order something and (hopefully) get it. If a buyer has a fixed budget and chooses one lucky winner based on that limited budget with inflated expectations and the seller can’t quite grasp them.

Hm, might see if I can get my profile changed from Greek to English. I know I’m losing customers because they think I’m Greek. I’m not. I’m a chippy little English bird! "

Then again, I’m winning the “not the western world solidarity” gigs. Which are cheap. Yeah, that’s not how this works, you rubbish pretend socialist.


This is my main fear at the end of the weekend, My thought processs goes like “oh, shite. Now I have to be serious for another five days”

Netflix would end me! isn’t bad either. Can I recommend Fargo? Not the movie but the TV series. Awesome.


I love to work with foreign peoples :slight_smile: by the way
Love that tips thank you for writing that :slight_smile:


The thing is this: there is a huge amount of competition here. Someone with poor English is at a real disadvantage. It’s not like we have to hire someone out of charity. We can get it fast, cheap and without any communication problems as well.


thank you for your post


Yes, English is the international language of business, tourism, and even aviation.

With writers that don’t speak English well, you just gotta write short sentences and avoid slang as much as possible. Some are frustrating, here’s a stupid question I got:

"What do you mean “place your order?”

So I sent him a custom offer.


You are a real trooper to accept that one.


Why do you think so ? English is not so difficult to learn…(provided you have the interest and will power to learn… i can give many examples of people living here in india in remotest villages where there is hardly any light …have learnt english and they have become literature experts… some of them are even teaching English language in top notch institutions here in india…) Thank god its easier than Maths (Algebra & other Equations) and physics too… :slight_smile:


I think the point being made is regarding proofreading. There is a big difference between being good at communicating in English and having the ability to properly proofread English.
For example, from a quick glance I can see 8 different errors that I would correct if I was proofreading your comment. (Your English is very good but still contains small errors which are not important generally but are when it comes to proofreading. I know this comment was not written to be perfect but I am just giving you an example) :slight_smile:


is language become problem in ordering?


Well, I’ve had worse, and I do need the money. I’m also learning to control my temper. LOL


You just proofed with one sentence that it most likely is.




Sometimes buyers cannot understand the things I send them and it can lead to misunderstandings that are serious.


It’s been a while, but I had 2 buyers who liked my work, they never complained about the pricing which was great, and I shouldn’t complain…but the problem was their English. Overall I was able to tell what they wanted, but for most gigs they had a very specific idea and they just could not get their point across. I had to send tons of messages just to be sure what they wanted. At one point I started begging them to ask a friend (or hire someone) to edit/translate their descriptions when ordering a gig. They agreed to do so, but it never happened. It got to a point where I told them not to place an order until they can find someone to help. They kept ordering. Several more messages later, they stopped ordering.
I felt a bid bad, and I am aware that I have lost 2 buyers who were nice people and were not
stingy with the payment, but looking at the message box with over 90 messages, I am
glad it stopped. Hopefully those two have found another person who is more patient
and understanding than I am.
Having that said though, it would be nice if the buyers/sellers out there can find
help with their English if they can…


Bro is even worse. I had one that started with “Sir”, something like “Hello Sir, I need… how much?”

And when I gave the price it turned to be “do you do discount, bro?”