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Tips For Sellers With No work!

Hello, I will share my little journey in fiverr. Recently i create a gig and after 1 month i complete 42 order but unfortunately, i do get any feedback from 20 order. So my tips is don’t be hopeless and keep working.
The first thing for any freelancer, either you are looking for jobs on Fiverr or not, is to pick a service that you can offer. The service has to have a huge demand and you need to have the skills/tools to deliver it. You can check out my gig for your inspiration>


First of all, congratulations with getting your orders,
and please keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

You’ll be surprised to see how many people here are willing to offer services they are not capable of though…:sweat:


Thank you so much dear!

Yes, I agreed with you. Simply offer this thing you can do perfectly. :thinking:


Thank you brother! :slight_smile: