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If they do a good job there should be a TIP button if you wish to give additional $ for good job done!

madmoo said: a good idea which has been suggested lots of times

Sometimes I get a bit mad because so many good great ideas have been suggested a lot of times by a lot of people, but Fiverr developers still haven't implemented them, not even smaller ones that could make big differences.. and it makes me wonder: what are the developers doing? Because in my opinion too few updates occur, and too few features get implemented... which makes me think, again: are they so busy answering to support tickets that they don't get any more time for actual development?

We shall never know..

P.S. has anyone ever seen a Fiverr employee wondering around the forum posting messages? Or is this forum entirely ours? :D :D


Reply to @madmoo: No, no, not the news. I’m talking about them talking with regular people outside the news area :wink:


Reply to @madmoo: woopsy, my bad… I said “regular people” because I’ve always looked at the tech guys like being some higher form of existence :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just kidding… so by regular people I meant non tech guys

Well, it’s their loss :slight_smile:


Reply to @arnevb: trust me, I’ve told them about the Tips feature 1-2 years ago, and they never implemented it… so don’t get your hopes up too high :slight_smile:


Reply to @arnevb: you’ve spoken gold! I truly hope your voice will be heard, because I deeply long for some new features :smiley: (although whenever new features get added, problems arise for an entire week and everything gets buggy and works no more)