Tips for sellers


hello friends

i am newbie here and i am now 7-8 days old here

but the problem is that i am not getting order.

i have two quality gig active but not getting any response i jst got 2 order from 1 man on my 2nd day.that was a crazy gig.

i removed that gig yesterday…

but i have 2 active gig related two website but no orders at all

please tell me what should i


Reply to @madmoo: hey i wanted to know that how much you had earned here


GIVE IT TIME!!! You need to get exposure. I was on fiver for at least 2 weeks before I got an order, and I am selling something that NO ONE ELSE is selling on fiverr.


Also make sure you are promoting your gigs in every way possible.


Reply to @jetfumes: thank a ton for your too kind suggestion


Reply to @madmoo: thank once again u help me i think u r my godfather on fiverr caz i finally get 1 order after a long wait…


Reply to @madmoo: wow thats really very cool and you really deserve that