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It can be hard to promote your gigs and get people interested in your gigs. In this post you will learn how to promote your gigs.

#1 - Start a Blog
#2 - Social Media
#3 - Forums
#4 - Blog Commenting
#5 - Start a Youtube channel
#6 - Keywords and tags
#7 - Quora
#8 - Social Bookmarking site
#9 - SlideShare


Nice tips, but it would’ve been a better idea if you came up with your own advice instead of copying and pasting from an article posted on Slideshare.



Also it would be better if he explain clearly how to start a great blog, howto make an interesting Social Media, how to make an interesting youtube chanel etc.

thank yoy

If you deliver quality work, buyers are happy with your work, receive maximum positive reviews then there is no need to promote your Gig, fiverr can promote your gig himself.

Really help. Thanks**:+1:**

great thank you so much

come on brother… be nice…

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