Tips for selling photos


Hello, I am new on fiverr!

When I posted my first gig on fiverr - about a month ago I was happy because I got soon 20 orders!

But its been a few days and I got NO orders :( I would need some tips for selling photos. I dont know where I could promote my gigs outside fiverr. I already posted my gigs on facebook but still no orders…

I know photoshop and I think I will create a new gig related to this, but love taking photos and I really have a lot of fun doing this, especially outdoors.I always take about 100 photos and finally just about 5 are very good. I would like to do this all the time but unfortunately for some reasons I stopped having buyers. And I am sad because I really like this part-time job! Any tips please? Thank you fiverrs! Hugs!


Promote daily on related facebook groups. Also you can go to services like and get people to tweet about your gig for free.

Just keep promoting and little by little you will get more and more visitors. Consistency is key.

Hope this helps



Thank you very much!


Good service and kindness is a paramount point, you should always strive because your customers feel very well attended, solve your doubts, do a good job and be very kind that will help you very much for your customers to promote you,