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Tips for social media marketing

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking a look at my post! It will be easy for all to discern that I am both new to Fiverr and to using the community in general. I have never used the forums till now, and so far all four of my gigs only have one sell between the lot of them.

To help my gigs receive more exposure, I scoured the forums for advice. One of the tips for more exposure that I have seen repeated is to get a professionally made cover video for my gigs–something I will be working on shortly. Another tip, and the impetus for me to set to writing this post is the suggestion of utilizing social media for advertisement purposes.

Though I am of the social media age, I suppose (I’m currently twenty), I have actually never used social media for anything more than keeping up with my chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at IUE. I’m just flat out not sure how to work social media, and so I was hoping that some of the people who use these forums and have employed social media to their advantage successfully might be able to give me advice. Things that I’m curious about are: Should I make a new account on facebook/G+/Twitter/etc for the promotion of my work? What research needs to be done on my part to find the best groups to join and post to? Finally, are there any resources that I should familiarize myself with?

I appreciate any and all feedback. Through the perusal of this forum, I noticed many helpful responses and I look forward to whatever advice that I may receive. Thanks to everyone in advance.

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Alright, first, social media marketing is deep and broad so it is a good point to start where you are comfortable, and I discern this place to be Facebook/ G+/Twitter. On Facebook you can create a page for your advert, although using paid ads would be much more effective, Facebook ads are very affordable. Next you can use G+; which is actually a very exciting platform for social media marketing with its almost limitless number of communities. Join communities by searching for certain keywords related to the gig you offer, for example, someone like myself; who creates CVs hits the word “jobs” in the search area, and all the communities related in one way or the other to jobs, pop up, I then join these groups, and begin to post adverts in these forums(this is very easy, all you have to do is to copy your peculiar gig address and paste it in the link section provided on G+ in the “what’s on your mind” section). Next you can use your twitter account for very effective advertisement, but you will be needing many followers and social proof, so thankfully, you can actually buy a couple thousand followers to increase your social proof (these gigs are on offer on fiverr), and then followers will pour in naturally. I suggest you say something like “I will follow you back” in the little space you have for your profile info, then make your profile picture exciting, keep your posts on twitter interesting, and then once in a while post your gig adverts. There’s lots more you could do but you can start with these, especially G+(its very effective). You can connect with me if you need some more advice on social media marketing, I’ll be happy to help you succeed.


Wow, awesome reply. I’m so glad you saw my post and took the time to reply with such in depth advice. I would love to connect with you and learn more about the field and navigating through it. I so appreciate this, and I’m definitely saving this for future reference. :slight_smile:

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