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Tips for success and Unicorn Poop


There are no “hidden tips of success”.

If you want to be successful on Fiverr, you need to develop and maintain a captivating gig/service, and you need to promote that service to the people that need what you have to offer.

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The hidden tips of success
Who can share his/her secret strategy to get regular buyer order?
The hidden tips of success

I had to eat a live goldfish, strangle a leprechaun, and hold a unicorn to ransom. It’s all about how far you are prepared to go, really.


Oh, yes… that leprechaun thing was one of the hardest challenges I had to overcome when I was starting out. Those guys bite. I still have the scars to prove it!


At least you managed to kill yours. Mine escaped into a wall vent and became a forum Mod.


Your girly hands were no match for my muscly neck


Now, stop it right there, Eoin. I gave you your beard, your fags, and your unicorn back. We’re even now, remember…


Oh, Dear God… NO! A leprechaun mod! :scream:

EDIT: Oh. Wait, that was @eoinfinnegan ? Never mind then. :wink:


True, and I like my new home in the vent - its a breath of fresh air.
Now, what about my Lucky Charms? You are always after me Lucky Charms!

Lucky Charms mentioned for the pleasure of American readers - No Irish person has ever said those words-
ever - never ever - never.


I didn’t realize you were still in the vent, Eoin. Talk about freeloading. You better be cleaning up after that bleeding unicorn. That’s animal cruelty that.


Nah, the place is full of this stuff but it smells nice


We should start collaborating on a gig. That stuff would sell like hotcakes among the spell, psychic, and lucky charm crowd. Always a silver lining see, even if it does turn out that you have a mythical animal living in appalling neglect inside of your home heating and air conditioning system.


Indeed, although “hot cakes” is a poor choice of phrase


This was a cracking idea, Eoin. First video testimonials of new unicorn poop enthusiasts are coming in now. I’m suspecting, however, that we might at some point run into difficulties with the FDA.


I would pay to see a comedy sketch of you two. Just saying.


I still have not forgiven you for eating Mr. Goldie. I loved that fish.


Put some money on the table and let’s start talking.


They are magically delicious.


No Irish person has ever said certain words… until now…

and I am an informant to the LBI (like FBI but for Irishmen and leprechauns) so someone had better hide deeper in those walls…


The truth about the end of the rainbow is that it is a magical and enchanting place where snitches get stitches.


I’ll have my little people contact your people