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Tips for success and Unicorn Poop


Which end of the rainbow? Because I thought one of the ends of it was where necks get zippers :smiley: :zipper_mouth_face:


Awe guys…you guys are too funny!!!

…Now please excuse me, I need to go hunt some unicorns and leprechauns…
I’ll make sure to bring my katana and throwing stars with me, I bet those guys are fast and can put up a heck of a fight…


I always had a feeling that it wouldn’t be wise to mess with you.

Also, what is it with all the mythical animal cruelty on this forum? First, we find out that Eoin is keeping a unicorn and harvesting its manure in appalling conditions in my air ventilation system, and now we have @zeus777 about to go out hunting both leprechauns and unicorns with throwing stars.

You should all be deeply deeply ashamed. The mythical natural world is not for our exploitation. It is a wonderment which we should do everything which we can to preserve for our children.

Shame on you all.


I deserve the walk of shame…


I’m flabbergasted by how quickly you made this. High five for being a unicorn killer but a damned fine illustrator at the same time.


It’s not her fault, in Japan, mythical creatures are much scarier


That’s not scary. Give me that over a tiny Irishman with a grude living in my wall any day. You can run away from Godzilla and shoot him with a bazooka if you happen to have one. Can’t escape the cunning and charm of the Irish, though.

They’ve got bars every where.


Awe, thank you! Actually this was an image I worked on a while ago, I took it and added the sign and shading to an existing image. If I may brag for a second though, the original image took me several minutes since it’s quite rough…I would have spent HOURS drawing it though if I wanted to give myself a Jessica Alba body. :laughing:

BTW I didn’t kill or hurt any unicorns, they unicorned my @$$.
I learned my lesson, I shouldn’t hurt any animals, even if I wanted more sales.
I have cats at home, I’m an animal lover, I should have known better!


Can’t argue with that; here, have some shamrock


May I get one too?? :heart_eyes: :shamrock:
I’ll give you a Japanese lucky item in return!!


Sure, why not - I’m handing it out like it’s unicorn poop today.
Whats a Japanese lucky item, and why?


Let’s see…
Lucky cats. Mt. Fuji. The Daruma dolls. Hand held fans. Egg plants .
The “hamaya” arrow. The kozuchi hammer ( you get treasure,jewels and gold coming out of it every time you shake it, take that Thor!), owls, gourds, red snappers, etc etc etc.
I can explain why they are considered lucky, but you’ll be here all day.

Here, have a lucky cat. :slight_smile:


I dunno, if I try shooting Godzilla with a bazooka…and if it DOES hit him in the face, sure,
it miiiight slow him down for a few seconds, but then he’ll be so darn p*ssed.
Then the last thing I’ll see before leaving this world would be the sole of his foot. Awe darn.


Doraemon is not in the lucky list ?? :grimacing: :no_mouth:


This is exactly why you guys have never defeated Godzilla. You need super cool lucky charms like fistfuls of clover, swords recently extracted from stones, and little North American medicine bags full of throwy magical things like crystals and topaz amulets.

Okay, a bazooka might not work in the long-term. But come on. You are going to need something much more superior than a Hello Kitty missile if you really want to neutralize this threat. Be imaginative. Throw an angry haiku with nails embedded into at it. Worked for me the last time I had a personal mini war with a woman in Greece.


Well, Doraemon is a cat robot…with no ears…and he has that cool pocket with TONS of cool gadgets inside…he’s not a calico cat like most lucky cats, but…OK, he’s in.