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Tips for the buyers

Hello everyone! I am always trying to write something in my free time to help someone. Today I am writing a post for buyers. The main and very important thing is that you have o contact with Sellers before ordering sellers gig. Because he/she may not available to complete this project and it will save your time, seller’s time, rating and money. And when ordering check the time difference if your project requires better communication. Sometimes someone orders a gig at 01.00 and tells that needs to deliver ASAP :slight_smile: If your gig marked as completed automatically and your work is not completed yet, don’t worry. Contact with Seller, many Sellers completes works but if Seller refusing to complete the work you can write to the support team.
Good luck everyone! :wink:

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Thanks for your tips.

I totally agree with that because there is time difference and sometimes the seller need to sleep because it’s after midnight in their country but maybe in the buyer time is still evening or afternoon.

I’m not sure I understand this correctly - do you mean that some sellers don’t deliver but mark the order as delivered and let it complete?

Because all sellers have to deliver the work before the order is marked as complete - delivering empty or something else just to complete the order is against the TOS.

Also, if a seller offers extrafast 24 hour deliveries, they have to deliver within 24 hours no matter the time zone differences, otherwise they should just disable the extrafast option if they can’t hold to that deadline/promise.


Hi! No, sometimes Seller deliver the work but Buyer doesn’t respond. After 2-3 days it is marked as completed automatically. The seller can’t mark it as completed. It has happened to me many times, the buyer sees that order completed he/she thought that’s it. But I continued working and delivered work.