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Tips for the new seller, increases your Orders

Tips for the new seller,
I hope it’s helpful news for a new seller.
I am also a new seller. Speaking from my experience. My gig is not 2 months old yet.

  • So all you have to do is not be disappointed.
  • First of all, make your gig SEO related and present your service in a beautiful way.
  • But try to make the gig images beautiful and make it your service type.
  • Then the gigs are marketed one after the other on social media.
  • then send regular buyer requests.
  • However, do not try to send the same text over and over again.
  • Send him a request according to the buyer’s requirements.

I hope Innshaallha will come to work very soon.

You can see my gig if you want. However, do not copy the request. By doing this you will get into trouble.


All of the above is so generic, I have a hard time calling this “advice” or justifying the post being in the “Tips” category.

Unless you can elaborate on the above points, I don’t think you should post under the Tips category.


sir, thank you very much for pointing me out.

Original tips. Nothing in your post is original or new.
It’s against the forum rules to create duplicate posts.

Edit: Since you’re inviting people to look at your gigs, your thread has been moved to “My Fiverr Gigs” as this is the only place on the forums you are permitted to advertise.

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