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Tips for who has confusion in setting price of gig services

For a better and logistic price, you better check and do a little bit research on what price other sellers are selling their services of your niche you better atleast do research for two days, you will get to know how to make comparative prices for your different services.


That’s one way to do it.

Or you could calculate your prices based on what you will have left after Fiverr takes their 20% fee.

Or you could base it on an hourly rate.

Or you could set your own rate based on real-world examples through Google searches.

Or you can just wing it until you find a price that customers are prepared to pay.

Or you could go as low as possible and basically give your services away to get established and then do some price research.

Or you could do what I do - increase your rates every six months or so to keep up with costs (internet, my time, etc.)


That is definitely a better option. I raised my prices recently because I was getting overwhelmed with orders. It does work. There will be buyers who will pay your rate without blinking an eye, and then there will be others who feel the need to have you explain how it can cost that much and will ask for a discount or if you can do it for $5, $10, or $20. I don’t negotiate on price because I value my time and the effort I put into my work. I will offer to write something with a lower word count to meet their budget, if possible.