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Tips for working as wix developer

I have a client to do wix website. but I haven’t done wix projects on fiverr. could you please let know how to process? Do I need to do the site on their account or do it in my account like things.

Thank you for your time.

Do it on your account and then switch it over to your client once it’s complete and they’re happy.

Thank you for the reply.

Hey, you can either as them to add you as the website contributor, and you will get a mail where you can accept the contributor invite and edit site via your account, while website admin/owner will be your customer.

Here are further details on how you can add a contributor so you can forward it to your client:

Other than this option, you can ask client for their login details to their wix account or you can simply design website in your own account and then transfer it to client’s wix account. That’s pretty easy.

Here are the instructions on how you can transfer the website from one wix account to another:

Hope this helps you and future readers.