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Tips for Writers

What are the tips for the new writers on Fiverr? What should I do in order to increase my sales or to get hired?

You want advice? Don’t follow other seller’s gig descriptions. LOL

I can tell that is @alysmcdonough’s gig description in your transcription gig. (And I’m willing to bet that your other gig descriptions are taken from other sellers too.)

“I can transcribe up to 30 minutes of CLEAR audio or video for $5 within 24 hours. You will get fast, accurate work delivered on time.I do not provide discounts. The base price of this gig is $5 per 30 minutes and is NOT negotiable.”

Then later in your gig it says…
“My rates for this are $5 per 15 minutes. Contact me to confirm my availability.” --> pretty sure that came from @alysmcdonough’s transcription gig.

Your profile description says you do logo designing…
Where’s your gig for that? So you’re great at logo designing and writing??
Wow, you must be really talented…

And as for your proofreading gig…

“For my entire life I’ve worked in the writing and editing industry whereby grammar, spelling, punctuation and presentation are essential.”

“My editing work has led to hundreds of books being published.”


Anyway, some guy named John Fox has the same description as you from this other site… Lol

If you really are an award winning or whatever it is you claim to be, you shouldn’t be asking tips to get hired in a simple site like Fiverr. Other sites pay more. So stop fooling people with your gig descriptions…

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