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Tips for writing an effective gig description

Hi, so I just want to add in my 2 cents to this topic however I am not that experienced on Fiverr and not that successful as some other members might be but let us just say that this might be helpful for absolute beginners. So please correct this if there is something that needs to be corrected. I tried my best/
Gig description is an important part of your freelancing profile. After the gig/portfolio images, this is the second most important part of your gig that would compel your potential clients to make the purchase. So you should craft your description really nicely.

Let us discuss the parts of the description first. Remember the thumb rule here, please do not utilize this tool for self-praise, no one likes that. In fact, leverage this tool to communicate with your buyers. Use more"you’s" in your description than the “I’s”. Try to address them and talk to them. Use this to convince them that you really care about them.

Parts of your description:

• A Greeting/welcome message, generally just a one-liner or even lesser. One main search keyword can be added here. Like ‘Hi welcome to my minimalist logo design gig’.

• Your introduction - this part should not be more than 2-3 lines. Write very briefly about who you are, your expertise, your experience, your country name (optional), and any other information you want to put out there in the world. But remember not to include more than 4 lines about yourself. I say it again and in bold letters that ‘do not use your descriptions for self-praise rather utilize it to communicate to your buyers’. You can also add one main search keyword here like i am a ‘minimalist logo designer’ or you can add in more keywords as well. Be creative with the keywords. It shouldn’t sound repetitive.

• The Problem - this should be from 5-7 lines. In this part, you identify the most common issues your potential buyer faces that compel the buyer to take help from professionals like you. Try to empathize with them in this portion. Let them realize that you understand their pain. This will most likely establish you as an expert in your field. Try to highlight every corner that they are suffering in. You can fill in 2-4 keywords here as well.

• The Solution- this chunk should cover the rest of the request. You should let them know how you can solve their problems. Remember not to self-praise but try to use bullet points in this part as well it really helps to push your message through. 2-3 search keywords can be adjusted here as well.

An example description I wrote for your guidance:

Hi, I welcome you to my professional business card design gig, I am xxxxxxx, a professional creative director and a business card designer with experience of 3 years.

• Are you stuck with outdated stationery designs?

• Are you looking for a fresh, modern, and unique, and professional business card design?

• Your business card is the representation of your brand, and a tool you can leverage to impress your potential clients.

• Your professional business card would make or break the deal if they are inconclusive. It would be the last nail in closing your deal.

So, update your professional business card today or make a new one if you do not have one with our economical and professional business card design services.

You are guaranteed the following while purchasing our services:

• A unique and professional business card design that will suit the current age and time and your brand’s vision.

• A professional overall service with excellent customer service.

• A price no one can currently beat on this marketplace.

• A creative and inclusive design process.

• Adaptive to any printing service out there like vista or any printing size dimensions out there i.e. vertical, horizontal, US size guides, UK size guides.

So, what are you waiting for?? Let us revolutionize your brand’s representation today.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the process.

Kind Regards


see how I placed search keywords in the above description?? without it sounding awfully repetitive!!! this should be our goal. our main search term like ‘professional business card design’ should be a part of our description at least 3-4 times to rank better in search.


you should push reach key word in your description so that people can easily find your gig and be simple always with your description also you can marks(bold, colour) some important point like your service related facility.


Thanks for sharing your tips.


That will be really helpful if someone follow your instruction. Thank you


Thank you for your tips.


I have been overhauling my own gig descriptions this month, and I’ve been paying special attention to the way my formatting looks across desktop and the app :blush:. I was excited to see in your post some of the same structuring that I’m going for, makes me feel less like a loon for maybe overthinking it :sweat_smile:!

YES! I noticed after I started improving my gig images, that clicks went up, but that I was still falling short of conversions on sales, and realized it was my descriptions that needed attention next! If the buyer can’t see how I’m going to help them solve a problem or they can’t distinguish the different value points in my packages, then they’re less likely to trust that I can provide the service they need and move on.


Thanks for sharing this tips.


Thanks for sharing your tips. Follow your instruction.


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Every seller needs to follow these tips! :wink:


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