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Tips for your Fiverr Gigs Specially for beginners


Some Tips to Write a Great Title for your Gig:

Mod Note: Content pasted without due credit. Stolen content removed.


Thank you for these awesome tips.


Original article source :
(Plagiarism is against the Forum rules)


WOW!! Really? I even liked your post before I realized it was stolen.

I was impressed and even checked out your gig as I am in the market for voiceover sellers!

Well, that’s 3 minutes of my time I’ll never get back. :disappointed:


I think it’s ok to repost helpful information from a outer source until the original source is credited. But on the other hand using links in the OP can be taken as spam. So, something like - “Article credit goes to - XYZ” may be fine. (Though I am not sure)


Yeah same here… I am always looking after for good quality voice over artist. The thing that surprised me was he is a beginner (in terms of profile/reviews, not when he joined) How can he give those VALUABLE tips when he need it most to grow his profile and see whether these tips work or not.


Totally agree! The link doesn’t have to be posted just credit to the original author.

If it had started with:

“Some useful information I found written by John Doe on the Academy or Quora worth repeating.”

I would have been good with that.