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Tips From A 1000+ 5 star Fiverr Seller


I have been on fiverr for quite awhile and I am doing very well. It is a great feeling to have orders in the queue!

Here is some advice…whether you want to take it or not is up to you :slight_smile:

  1. Treat ALL orders with equal respect…whether its a 5$ order or a 50$ order…I treat all my gigs equally and always strive to deliver a top notch product.

  2. Communication is Key!..I answer every correspondence that comes in and I try to respond asap. I check my account throughout the day…pretty much all the time and answer questions or concerns as soon as I read a letter from a buyer. Never ignore a letter from a potential client or a current client…thats money!..and its rude.

  3. Cancelations happen…but I really try to fulfill all my orders. There are times I have to cancel, but I only cancel if I absolutely have to do it…

  4. Repeat business is good!..I am getting a lot of repeat customers these days and that is a great feeling. I attribute that to my offering a high quality service at a great price…always being on time…and having great customer service. If you are “nice” and respectful people will come back.

  5. Always deliver on time!..This is crucial…I live by the countdown clock and work other things in my life around it…many times I will put off running errands or even going out to have fun to make sure I am ALWAYS on time…I am a stickler for this.

  6. Modifications…these are a part of great customer service and I always work on these first. If I have any mods I do them immediately before getting to my other orders. Clients really appreciate a fast turn around time and they hate being ignored…rightfully so!

  7. Be clear in your descriptions…Be sure to include as much info as possible when it comes to your gig description(s) so there is no confusion…this way the customer knows exactly what he/she is buying and their expectations will be right on target.

    Those are some of my seller tips…fiverr has been great for me…and I hope you have the same success!


Great work, and thanks for the awesome write-up!

I have a question: how do you communicate with your buyers? After an order has come through, do you message them to confirm you’ve received it? Do you message them again to let them know you’re working on it?

What’s your process to ensure your communication skills are rated 5*?


I don’t always contact them after they have placed the order unless they ask a question or contact me about something before the order is complete. Its a good idea though :slight_smile:

But I don’t always do that…when I turn in the order I will say “Great working with you…” or “Hope to see you again…” or if you have any concerns please let me know…"…“If you need a mod let me know…” etc .


Great work, and thanks for the awesome tips.


This is fantastic information. I agree with all of this - Especially repeats. Those who have seen me around here will think I am a broken record on this. Each new customer is an opportunity to have a repeat customer. The customers you get when you are first starting are either new Fiverr customers or are adding a business line, or are done with their current seller. Repeat customers do not go searching for gigs they need frequently. They find someone good and use them again and again. Over time you become very busy and if you want it and provide good service, you’ll quickly find you have a full time job with a full time income from Fiverr.


I am new to Fiverr so every piece of information I find from existing sellers is priceless. You have made an elaborated and a great post. I also believe, as you stated, that respect, in time delivery, communication, and clear gig descriptions are the key to success. Thank you!


Great post @klevitt70

We need to do good work so that once a buyer order our gig he should always re-order.


Thanks for the tips.