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Tips from buyers to new sellers

For seasoned Fiverr buyers, could you share how you decide on the right seller for the services needed?

I am new to Fiverr and have been finding it difficult to sell my services, as fiverr is becoming overpopulated with users offering the same services. I have implemented all the tips kindly shared by other users but I am still not getting any customers. Since I am a new seller, my services get buried underneath all other users offering the same services.

I would appreciate any input on this. Thank you in advance.

Hi, you are in a very competitive sector and you are right, there are lots of people offering your services. The thing is, a good WP developer is very difficult to find among all of the people who claim to be the “best in the world”.
I suggest you vary what you offer a little. Offer to expand, fix or complete WP sites. Offer something different to what everyone else is offering. Your main gig looks fine but is short on detail.
According to your gig, I could place an order of $50 and get a website of unlimited size (number of pages) etc. What a deal! Actually, that’s too good to be true, so it probably isn’t.

You need to be more specific about what you offer. There are two ways to be more specific:

  1. Aim for buyers who have no idea about what is involved in creating a site and so be very simplistic and explain in detail what you will do for each price.
  2. Aim for buyers who know a bit (or think they do) and use more buzzword rich language.

At the moment your gig is aimed at neither and is too vague. I suggest you base your description on how you would create a standard 3/5/7 page site, whatever you will do for $50.
I have bought over 100 times on Fiverr and frankly I wouldn’t order this gig as it is now as I have no idea what to expect. If you have made other sites, put some image of them up but mainly you need to have a clear description of what I can expect for $50.

Finally, get rid of the money back guarantee offer before someone takes you up on it. You are just asking to be taken for a ride with that if all the buyer has to say is “I’m not happy” and you have to give a refund.

I think new seller is better than top rated seller, because new seller will be very responsible for his service

Hey Michael, I’m not a buyer but am a fellow new seller. My gigs are all creative writing related (and one Excel as well).
I think for me, I decided up front to create a video for each of my gigs where I’m describing what I’m offering. I’ve had several of my buyers mention that that helped them feel like they knew me a little better and set me apart from at least the non-video gigs.

Early on, even with my gig set-up and semi-unique gigs, it was hard to get any hits. But I also kept regularly searching through the Buyer Requests and trying to be proactive on that front. Then, when you do get a gig, make sure that you blow their socks off with the quality of your product as well as your communication. I see that you already have a few good reviews. I believe those always help prospective buyers.

Keep at it. Once things started to pick up for me, they’ve been pretty steady for two or three months, and often from totally different traffic sources.

I am a new seller but i work amtoher market place i am a social media expart but now i have a gig here but have views but no one placed order can you tell how i got a sell
please help me really my service good if you use my service then you can told …but i don’t know how i got a sell so please help me

Nonsense. Top rated and experienced sellers have a proven track record that a buyer can see, new sellers have little or nothing to show how good they are. The only advantage of using new sellers is that they should be cheaper.

Plus, TRS and levelled sellers have more to lose. Oh dear, I’ve lost my account with a couple of bad reviews v. holy shit, my account with 20,000 5-star reviews has gone rogue! No serious seller will suddenly rest on their laurels because they “got to the top” or whatever.

Please engage your brain before awkwardly posting to indirectly promote yourself as a great newbie buyer, @mdebrahim94. That’s a tip that works wonders.

to sell (v)
the/a sale (n)

There’s a free English lesson–try a class and enjoy a world of opportunity that opens up. There’s no point going on about customer service when you have no orders. You have no customers, ergo your CS is useless.

Focus on how your skills help your clients to make money.

Complete nonsense. Also, how can you as a new seller yourself say this when your only review is 3 and a half stars?

but i couldnt have any job yet

i suffer from this as well

Considering your gig, have multiple examples of your work. It may just be something I do, but with any visual gigs, I usually look and decide by the images before I even look at the text about the gig.

Oh, also, do you design other types of blog websites? You can set up a gig for helping with Blogger websites. I was interested in your Wordpress gig, but my website is not

I’m also a new seller but I’m very Experienced about Lead Generation. LinkedIn, web search. I will be provide pacific lead with verified email number, Phone number and company decision maker people and many others valuable information.

Hello shawnwashburn I’m also newbie so thanks for your nice tips and Inspiration to Michael!

Thank you so much mdebrahim94 for your command !

its right that I have no enough sales and reviews but I have many experience on fiverr. It is my experience on fiverr which I shared in my previous comment.
You glad to know that I got a sale today.
Thank everybody to react with my comment

But sometimes i think that top rated or level 2 Sellers do not usually care of what people are reviewing. They don’t even give their review to the buyer because they have a lot of reviews and if someone will leave a negative review. It will have no effect on their sales or rating. Correct me if i am wrong.

Lets Back to Original Poster Requirement,

Some tips i learn as Level 2 Seller in Fiverr are -

Every Order Matter

Always Over Deliver

Provide Quality work as Compare to Quantity

I think a good tip is to know what the your client looks for in your kind of gig. For example. I like to buy translation gigs, design gigs, and editing gigs and I have in mind what I want.

For translation: Translation for Japanese to English by someone that knows how English works so that the translation makes sense.
For design: Someone with examples of their work and that fits the artistic style I’m going for
For editing: Someone that won’t miss errors, that won’t rewrite my work, and that’s good at offering constructive suggestions and feedback