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Tips from Buyers

Hi, Sellers,

I Happy to share here below how i got tips form my buyer.

My buyer give me a verse alignment for a full bible (O.T. and N.T.) like to do KJV format.

I start my work with buyer given input file, But the input file have some reference in Burmese language. We convert to word that texts are view like a box. At the time i informed to my buyer, he said to me find a solution and clear the issue.

I try my best to find the solution for a few hour, Finally i got the Solution (exact font) and embed, then the references are view clearly. I continue my work and provide a output (Additionally font file aslo) in on time delivery with accuracy.

My Buyer was so happy and he give me a 15$ Tips for my work.

My points: Good understating, Be honest, Buyers satisfaction is Must, on time delivery with accuracy.

Ariel Matthews


wow congrats…


Congrats :slight_smile:

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this award for your patience, lot of thanks

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My buyers said that he will give me tips and asked for more work. I did his work and delivered. but he didn’t contact me since. not the tips he offered. Can i do anything on this matter?

Congrats for your Tips :smile:

No, you can’t. The buyer isn’t obliged to give you a tip.

Some buyers do that to scam new/inexperienced/naive sellers. Next time this happens, send them a custom extra to cover the cost of additional work. If they refuse to accept it, don’t do additional work.


No. When they say if you do something they will tip you that’s always a lie.

That is a very sleazy underhanded thing to say to a seller.

Thanks for your valuable comments. I am new. that’s why I had to face that situation.

Oooh Thats great dude! Many many congrates.