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I just stopped freelancing! Because now I’m busy with other works. I earned more than $400 on my first month on fiverr. I got my level 1 & 2 badges in a fast way! There’s lots of trick that I used to reach my goals! The first and foremost thing is "Work smart! It doesn’t mean work hard!"Sometimes hard working may be less effective. You may failed to reach your goals! But if you work hard, you will reach your targets!
Before I sign up to fiverr, I did more research about this platform. I read all the terms and condition. But I did a small mistake. That is my user name. Select a SEO friendly user name. It will help you!
2. Select the best withdrawal provider.
I recommend fiverr revenue card! But it’s your choice, you have to decide it. Don’t select immediate load.
3. Before creating your gigs please look top rated sellers in your category!
Create a unique gig pictures. I used Microsoft paint for it. :smiley:
4. Buyer request page is the gold mine for new sellers. I have send more than 500 requests and more than 10% was successful.
There are many more hidden things.
Good luck!


Thank you very much, I think you should write an eBook about this.

My username is SEO friendly but I like to go back with my name.
I always do immediate load :smiley: lol I cannot wait to have the money in my wallet as it’s ready to withdraw. :smiley:
BR is a gold mine if you know how to use it :wink: My very 1st Fiverr project was from BR too.


Thanks a lot for your tips. Hope it will be helpful to all members.