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Tips & Guidelines - What EVERY Seller on Fiverr should know!

Tips & Guidelines - What EVERY Seller on Fiverr should know

Hello Fiverr Community,

I want to start with thanking you for reading my discussion today.

That means that you are here for one, or more, of the following reasons:
1. You actually care about your customers
2. You are trying to find ways to enhance the communication between the two parties
3. You are curious about what this thread will include
4. You want to generate sales no matter what it takes

If your situation is number 4, then I will kindly ask you to leave. This thread is not about generating sales, it is about earning and giving respect towards your customers. Why? Because they are individuals, precisely like you. We are equal - we and them is old fashioned and should not be considered acceptable under ANY circumstances.

I am a seller on Fiverr and this is the only community I sell my services on, online that is. Although outside of Fiverr I work on other abstract and specific platforms where I encounter humans every day. That is why I always handle Fiverr messages and offers like a physical conference.

From this point and onward I will explain my strategies, including WHY and WHEN you should use them. I hope you will benefit from reading!

Guidelines and Tips:
- Always, ALWAYS confront by being polite and display authority. I cannot stress this enough. If the first impression is terrible, it leads to lack of cooperation. Your motivation and the buyer’s satisfaction is not going to be a fraction of what it could be. For the sake of being humble. Try to calm your nerves.
- If a potential buyer asks for samples; and this is for YOUR SAFETY and the buyer’s first glimpse of what you can provide. Devote yourself to keeping the conversation on-topic and clean. Therefore, gather information about what they need done in particular.

a) You will send samples which fit the work description.
b) Creates a dialogue where the buyer understands that he/she is involved. If the individual cannot provide the instructions in beforehand, ask this question to yourself. Why should you give away your work or sometimes life-work to someone who might not be interested at all.
c) Generates trust, loyalty and a sense of professionalism.

- Be clear in your gig descriptions. If you feel that you need clarification before the starting the order; do NOT stop yourself from asking! Writing relevant questions is more appropriate than receiving a cancelled order.
- As much as you are of importance; remember that the buyer is likewise. Do you sense that your customer is confused and has higher/unrealistic expectations compared to what he paid - for the love of God, PLEASE DO enlighten the buyer! Clearing up things before receiving money can resolve a lot of issues before they even caught you!
- Economics and reaching certain money milestones is not ALL that matters.

Every human being with the "money-only" mindset has either:
a) Been unsuccessful and gone astray. Buyers or humans in general DO NOT appreciate others who lack a sense of empathy or sympathy.
b) Succeeded with getting wealthy, but lost everything else. Suddenly; money is not even worth the sacrifices.

What am I trying to say with the last statement?
You should see Fiverr as a platform where you can make use of your talent(s) to help other individuals. You would not go to UNICEF and donate clothes worth millions to receive a few minutes of fame - am I correct? I hope I am. I realize that was a big shot and rather irrational, but dear Fiverr seller, I am solely trying to prove my point.

If you produce music and sell your services on Fiverr (like me) - then you should be proud of you distributing your expertise. Receiving money for it is only… Just… Pretty much… (insert the words "a bonus" here; afterwards erase it) your MOTIVATION! As a musician, Fiverr is like God’s Hand (no disrespect intended; it is merely a metaphor) helping you.

Why? Why Sina? WHY?!

You should not be asking this. You get HEARD! ONE person hearing your art and REVIEWING it; even if it is for $5 USD is worth GOLD. Change perspectives. Someone actually paid $5 USD to hear you craft customized art for them and they were extremely satisfied. For that they gave you a decent/amazing review. Is that not amazing? What do you get on Spotify? Small pennies for "plays", but no real interaction with listeners.

I am not targeting music - I used that to sum it up with less thinking and to provide you with a real, straightforward insight. This is for sellers’ who distribute Graphics & Design, Online Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Advertising, Business, Lifestyle, Gifts, and Fun & Bizarre. This is for Fiverr. We are united. Sellers and buyers are here for one thing; without realizing it. Sharing and caring. Sellers share and buyers care. Do you see? Do you agree?

The circle of life is presented in metaphors throughout the online marketplaces. Fiverr is the home of many when it comes to buying and selling. Why should we not enhance our attitudes and businesses? Constructive criticism is GOLDEN, beneficial changes is even more - it is diamonds!

Recognize the person behind the money and you are destined to succeed. Thank you.

"Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion." - Tony Hsieh

Yours Sincerely,


I wrote this on my own. If you have questions or any thoughts, feel free to start a dialogue with me.


If this discussion turns out to be a benefit of the community - I will write more, from other standpoints and other topics. Thank you for your time!


High quality! Thanks!


Reply to @nadyproductions: Thank you!


Just one thing though. You should add what to do when a buyer refuses to cooperate. How to handle that? Could help a lot of people!


Reply to @silberma1976: I could not agree with you any more! Buyers value you and they value your efforts. Most of the times, that is.

Reply to @nadyproductions: Will do that tomorrow!


I was going to post a discussion myself, but if you could include it in this one that would be great. Sometimes customers accept your offer after hearing samples as an musician, but when you deliver they suddenly decide that your voice does not fit. How should you confront customers like that? I cancelled mine, but it should not be permitted if you already pointed out that the seller is perfect for the job.


Reply to @nadyproductions: I will try to include that in the next update of the post - will make sure to edit it. As of now, I updated the thread with HTML codes for italics and bold.


Reply to @skproductions: Looks cleaner with the bbcodes. Thank you!


I am just going to point out that these tips are based on my experiences - and how humans work in general. I am not trying to show off pretending I am a sales guru, because I am not - but I know a thing or two about humans.


Thank you for this!


Reply to @islandlife22: No issues at all. Glad to help!


I will take my freedom to bump this. Hope it helps someone.