Tips / Help for level 2 seller Please


Hi. I’ve been a level 2 seller with 100 percent feedback and tons of orders for a couple of months now. It seems lately that I have been getting 1 order per WEEK! That is so unusual for me. I’m used to getting atleast 5-6 a week and that has been helping me with bills here.

Anyone have any tips on how to get more business?

Anyone else experiencing a sudden decrease in customers as well? If so, why?




My sales goes down, too… For many times!

The solution for my services was to get in touch with proper companies/firms via social media. After I’m getting them attention, then social media managers of these firms/companies will take a look to my profile (where I already put my Fiverr link). So, they wil learn me and my services.


I’m not sure of any companies that would be interested in my gigs. Thank you though.


I find all my orders go down during December and January every year. Businesses are closing their books out for the year, and people are spending money on holiday stuff, then in January, they are broke. I see you have two holiday gigs, so that should help. Other than that, can’t help much. Just keep promoting. BTW, if you get caught doing fake positive reviews for Amazon products, you’ll be in deep doodoo, so be careful. I have a friend who got banned from Amazon for life for that.


Try advertising/marketing firms…