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TIPS: How to COMMUNICATE with buyers to get more orders in Fiverr!

Communication - Best Method to Get and Hold your buyers.

Hello Fiverr buddies, How are you all?:slight_smile:
I am Sultan Neer and Today I will Share some of my good experience as tips to get more buyers and make them repeated one.

Well, I Design mobile games and apps and develop them. So you can call me a UI UX expert. :wink:

What is communication?
Generally, by communication, we understand the process we communicate to others. Here, in Fiverr, we communicate with buyers. I am really forcing a lot on this cause what ever you are serving, where ever you are sharing your gigs, at the end of the day you have to express your self and go for a pretty discussion with your clients and if you failed this, you can not get anything after all those efforts.

How we communicate?
Here my BEST LUCKY 7 tips for you to learn or practice better communication method. Let’s start…

1. Learn English:
Yah, The most simple, but straight truth is, English is the first key to the communication. Because most of the buyers are speaking in English though that language is not their native. I will post another blog on how to learn English properly but for now, who has not English language as their native, I request them to learn it properly. It is important to tell what you can do for your buyers and to understand what he needs from you. There is no alternative.

2. Response quickly:
No matter how much good you in English, fast replies always create a good impact. I understand maybe you are busy with your other tasks, classes, or friends or maybe you are sleeping, but try to respond as soon as possible. Use the Fiverr app for your mobile devices to make an instant replay. This will help you to hold the client attention and also the response time will be stable.

3. Do not send custom offers:
Many time I saw people send custom offer just right after buyer inbox them for something. It’s like, maybe client inbox me and asking I have an Idea of making a poker game, can you help me? and what I do, Yes I can help. Here is your 300$ custom offer. Please, accept that and let’s start. Well, In my opinion, this is really disturbing cause, before fixing the price or the job, we need proper discussion. Without that, the job can be misguided, the client will probably cancel the job or may he will leave and never come back. So, instead of sending instant custom offers, try to make a good decent conversation and understand his problem. Then if you can solve this, tell him in the proper way.

4. Use FORMAL words:
Once I told my client that “Don’t worry, I will knock you later” and then he said Please, do not use the word “Knock” Because it is not a gentle word. You may use “Contact” or “Communicate” but this is so offending sometimes. :slight_smile: I hope it is pretty clear to you guys that the most common words that we are using regularly can offend someone. Yeah, many of them are so friendly, but you must keep that in your mind, also many of them are so formal, corporate and only for this reason even they can fire you from the job.

5. Tell them what you have got:
Yes, Tell them, if you have something very special for your buyers. Like extra support, source files, or maybe you are a good adviser and you can advise him for free! anything that you can provide exclusively and like that you can hold him for your 2nd project. :wink:

6. Offer something useful:
Of course, all above advice, the consultancy was for free and maybe he does not need any of them. But here you can offer something that he can not get for free. Well, it depends on what you are doing for him if it is web development, you can offer him to upload the site for him FREE!! or if it is related to design, you can offer him the source file for free!

7. Proper buyer requests:
Maybe you are sending a buyer request, or sharing your gig links on social media that means, that is a one sided communication to the buyers. Here the best tip is, try to feel what they need. what they said and then make an individual reply. Suppose, for buyer request, One buyer posted a job for logo design like “I need a logo design for my company” That’s it. Now what the most of the seller does, they simply copy and paste the text from somewhere else like “Hi I am XYZ, I have another XYZ experience I am the boss, I am the God of designs hire me.” And this is an absolute LOL to me.
Try to understand what he needs. Yeah, you can start a short introducing of your self and then ask what is his company name? does he need the logo with the name of the company or symbolic? ( I am giving only an example, you should write whatever matches with your job skills). Then as all related questions (do not make him bore by asking too many unnecessary questions) and request him to see your portfolio. (You can provide fiverr authorized portfolio links).
Then again ask him to make a reply with all the query. After all the discussions, if he thinks you are the right person for the job then he can hire you but you think you can do this job and he will get the best result from you. SIMPLE!!, right??

I am done for today guys. Please comment and let me know what your opinions? Share to let your friends know these simple tips.
Very soon, I will back with more tips about How you can get more order on Fiverr, How to decorate gig or profile, How to manage your sales, How to do marketing and so on. Keep an eye.

Love you all. :love_you_gesture: :love_letter: :+1:


Great thanks for ideas
But I think you should change the title to Tips or it seems like a question


You are right. I should add something at the beginning. :slight_smile:

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Now its interesting.
I also did the same mistake sometime back when I write a small topic here How to Increase GIG Sales (Tips, not a Question)

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“Tips, not a question” seriously? hahahahaha. Yah this like pretty confusing btn questions and tips though I set the topic to tips for the seller. Nice article by the way. :slight_smile:

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Nice commutation with buyers. i hope you will Flow this roues you will success bin fiverr. thanks

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:smirk: amr tate like den nai, mne thakbe to amr

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Good tips but on number 3 I disagree. Send a custom order as soon as you learn what the person is asking for. Ask a few questions first of course to make sure of what he wants but do send an offer.


Dear, Please do not misunderstand me. Here I want to mention one personal experience of mine. A couple of months ago, I wanted to hire someone on Fiverr as a helping hand. I inboxed almost 15 fiver seller and got a 5-9 custom offers at the first place even without any kinds of discussion!! I am Saying NO for that careless custom offer. On the other hand, Most of my order comes with custom offers. If you want to do a higher budget job, The custom offer is the one and only way to offer. :slight_smile: I hope it helps.


I did dear. and after that I post this. I wrote that before and planning to post here but got no time. After I saw your post, I liked and then I post here. If somehow I missed, I will do that now. :slight_smile:


Your tips make a lot of sense, and this may help readers as well:


LOL, its your fault. You forgot to check the notification. I already liked your post.

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Informative and practical tips thanks


do now :pensive: Tips for new Graphic Designers-1

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It’s really impressive.


Informative and a very awesome tip, wow great


wow great tips