Tips: How to get Sales in the sellers crowd? Read this to Make more Sales and Money on Fiverr


Fiverr has too many sellers and therefore getting sales for your gigs in the competition is hard. Read this to Make more Sales and Money on Fiverr. So, here are some helpful tips and promotion techniques for you to get more sales.

  1. Your Gig title - Your gig title should be awesome so that more buyers click it as this is what buyers see first before they reach your gig page. Make it sound professional yet not too long.

  2. Add a video to your gig – a gig without a video is a very effective way to blend in with 90% of the gigs on Fiverr. When you create a gig you will be shown to upload a video and firver itself suggests you that you should upload a video as it increases your chances of sales.

  3. Your Gig Description - Your gig description should be detailed so that buyer know exactly what you are offering. If your description is confusing buyers will move to another seller. So, make your description short, simple and in detail and if possible try to make it SEO optimized.

  4. Optimize your tags – Fiverr is has too many gigs. Unless you get featured, not many people will find your gig. By optimizing your tags, buyers will get your gig noticed when they search for buying a service that you are offering.

  5. Social networking – Shout out loud on all social media sites about your gig and what you are offering and put in a link to your gig page so that people buy your gig whenever they need to. No one is going to ask if you don’t tell them about it first.

  6. Offer Great Service - Offer great and honest service. This will help in two ways getting review and your buyer will keep coming and always buying services from you as well.

  7. Conversation - Last but not the least, your conversation with the buyer. Be Polite and professional. Reply to messages as sooner as you can this will help your average response time shown on fiverr and also if you don’t reply fast buyer may buy from another seller if he need it urgent.

    So, these were the 7 tips for you to get more sales in the crowd. So use this tips to Make more Sales and Money on Fiverr and I will be up with some more tips soon. Remeber, never copy description or title from other fiverr sellers, instead you should write your own description and title. Why to copy? We have also have brain to write, don’t we? I would also like to hear your feedback in the comments below. I am selling on fiverr since last 2 years and I would like to help you if you have any question.

    Thank you! And Happy Selling on Fiverr.


Edit: I made the statement that this was copied material and the OP disputes it. I don’t remember where I read it or thought I read it and I’m certainly not always right. I decided to edit this rather than go look for it because I know I’m biased right now due to things that are not the fault of the OP. The tips look useful and I don’t see them being used to spam the forum so I really have zero reason to complain. @danish82 - my bad. Happy selling to you.


This is not from off-fiverr site and it is my own idea I am on fiverr since 1.5 years what I experienced and fiverr itself says More sales if video is uploaded!


I am waiting for your comments and feedback! if you can type on keyboard!


Reply to @danish82:

You may have been on Fiverr for 1.5 years, but you have no levels (you actually appear to have lost levels, likely for breaking the rules), only three published reviews from the same buyer (100 other reviews that were on suspended or deleted gigs), one active gig (tip gigs do not count as services) and an overall 88% rating. While it is considerate that you have chosen to share tips, I would be careful what “advice” you post. It does not appear as though you are as experienced and successful as you claim.


I love how every single “How To Get Exposure” forum threads are featuring the exact same generic information, - upload a video - whereas everyone knows that the one and only idea behind starting such a thread, is to garner clicks on the TS’s username. Frankly, there should be a separate forum thread for these amazing “ideas”. :smiley: