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Tips: How to make your offer standout & take over your compitition


Hey guys,

From my last 10 months of experience, I have learnt few good things about how you can shine in other thousands of similar offers.

It may sounds bit tough in first place but trust me, it will make your business much better & easier.

  1. Do not create a “me too” offer.

    As we know, lots of new sellers create similar offer to the most successful services. If we talk about Graphic design category, I have seen tons of sellers having almost similar offer for creating headers, banners, business cards, flyers,etc. THIS THING WILL MAKE YOU ANOTHER SELLER ON THE WEB.

    Think about what is lagging in the successful offers OR think about what these successful offers can’t provide & deliver THAT to your market. This will not only stand out your offer but also make it more important.

  2. Don’t go for cheap services.

    By saying “cheap”, I do not mean anything in lower standards. What I mean is, DO NOT OFFER ANYTHING THAT STAYS FOR $5. If you want to make money, you need to go for the offers that can give you “maximum earning per order”. This is the key to make more money even when you get the same amount of orders.

  3. The more offers you have, the more you make.

    I know this is really old & too much “used tip” but there is a twist.

    Think like following. You are in marketing services niche & you are offering SEO service. Of course, your client base will need someone to create squeeze page, they will need someone to create their sales copy & they will also need someone to fulfill their graphics & animation needs. So, if you can provide complete marketing services, your client WILL NOT go to any other seller on fiverr until you fulfill their needs… In this way, THE SAME CLIENT BASE will make you much more money. So, GO & EXPAND YOUR SKILLS IN VARIOUS DIRECTIONS…

  4. Traffic is everything

    It doesn’t matter how good your offer is, you will only make money when your offer will have few thousands impressions/month.

    Now, you will ask me how to get 20K to 150K or something like that figure in your “analytics” of the dashboard. There are 2 ways.

    Either you need to optimize your offer for every high traffic keyword OR your offer needs to be too unique & effective that fiverr put it on subcategory & category pages. I know it sounds tough but it’s not impossible. SO HIGH QUALITY & UNIQUENESS is the key over here.

    When you will think about “How you can make someone’s life better OR way better” & forgot about how you can make money, you will find your way to get going. This is the real key…

    I hope, my suggestions can help you to have better sales experience.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Good luck,



Good post. it doesn’t entirely apply to what i do but it sounds like good sense to me. Thanks :wink:


Awesome points!! Thanks for taking the time to share this.


Reply to @makemoneygal: Thanks…:slight_smile: