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Tips $ in pandemic times?

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Hi guys , do you still receive tips after a good delivery?
In my case , i win more tips in pandemic times than couple years ago.
Looks like the customers was happy , and will send tips couple bucks more :slight_smile: more easily than in the past.
How its your experience about that ? Increase tips $ ?


I don’t work for tips. I work to impress my clients with the work they hire me to complete. If a buyer wants to leave a tip, that is their choice, and I thank them for it, but I neither work for tips, nor expect them.


Last night my buyer gave me a trip because he was very satisfy for my work

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You ever wonder what the purpose of a tip is on 5r?

In the USA, we tip for just about everything: cab drivers, delivery people (except mail), housekeepers, bartenders, even cashiers at fast food joints may have a tip jar.

Far as I know, 5r is the only freelance site with an aggressive tipping feature. You feel like a cheapskate scumbag when not able to tip.

Some countries have no gratuity, therefore confused when pushed to do so after closing an order. I used to like tipping on a “good deal” order but I feel like the push-iness of it is a real turn off.

Let’s not even mention the admin fee. :roll_eyes:


That’s what you want. I think there are some works you do that would make you start thinking of Tips.

There are some works you deliver, but some buyer’s budget doesn’t worth it. You just have to work on such jobs so he / she can continue working with you again, but you would definitely have it in mind if the buyer would give you a tip or not. You can’t tell me you don’t like Tips anyways.

So this isn’t about working for tips. It’s about satisfying yourself. Most of us aren’t okay with the 20% Fiverr is taking from our earnings. But we just have to apply to their terms and conditions.

Then price your gigs 20% higher. You are a freelancer. You decide your own pricing. Besides, 20% isn’t a lot. Many other platforms where you can sell products or services online charge much more. I sell on Steam, who takes 30% of everything I make, and I also earn quite a bit of money on YouTube, who is estimated to take around 50% or more. You get put in front of an audience of more than a million potential customers for only 20% of your earnings. I think that is a good deal.

Also, who is “most of us”? Do you know for sure that you are speaking for a majority of the users?

Then say no to that work. You do not have to accept every single offer. Again, put your prices higher, and you won’t feel like you are wasting your time.

No, I never think about tips ever. It is always a surprise when it happens. I am happy with my pricing (otherwise, I would change it), and I never expect my customers to leave a tip - they do not have to pay a penny more for my services than what I charge.


Well, I’m happy for you. Some sellers on Fiverr here don’t have any other source of income. They only depend on their earnings on Fiverr. Just like me. We are just starting. 20% isn’t much anyways, but well, it’s more than Tithe :grinning: What I was trying to say is ‘there are jobs you would want to do at a price you aren’t okay with. Meanwhile your target is to satisfy them, get the review, and build up your account’. So this way, you will want to accept the job at their price. You know you don’t have other source, so you just have to. Right? YES for me.

I agree with you on this, boss.

Haven’t gotten many but I don’t typically go fishing for them either. Just thankful for any voice over work I can get!

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I didn’t say that I don’t like tips. I said that I do not work for them, nor expect them.

I’m not here on Fiverr to “satisfy myself”. I am here to help my clients complete their projects.

This is how Fiverr works, whether you like it or not. Tips do not exist to “get around” the 80-20 revenue-sharing model. That’s why Fiverr takes 20% from all tips as well – so sellers cannot cheat Fiverr by avoiding their 20% revenue share.


You’re making it sound like am not here to help my clients with their projects as well. Why? Oppps. Well, thanks for your contribution.

Please stop twisting my words. I made no such accusations against you. I merely stated that I am not here to satisfy my own needs or wants – that’s not the point of freelancing. I am here, on Fiverr, to serve – to make sure my skills fulfill the needs of my clients and their projects.

I understand that you are frustrated. Please don’t mince words in order to suit your perspective.

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Tips, how can I get tips? Did someone mentioned them? Should I make sale first before I can get a tip? :thinking:

  • Questions that bother the meksel.

Frustation? I’m sorry, I am not frustrated. You twisted my words, and what do you expect me to say please? You twisted words to suit your perspective. I didn’t. Because what you meant by “I am here to help my clients complete their projects” sounds like I am the one who is here on Fiverr to satisfy myself with the tips. That’s not fair. And you said I twisted your words. How is that possible?

You just did!

You’re twisting my words, and turning them into an accusation. My comments are not about you.

Oooops, it’s fine then. Goodluck Man!