Tips Issue and Rating Problem


So i think to keep it down and just see if things will go better but no, nothing change.

I have regular buyer ordering every week from me. He decide last week that is time to leave some tips for the work I’ve done. When he try to do it it was bounced back twice to the gig page without any luck doing this. He say it will contact support but so far nothing. The funny things is that i am sure he left or try to to leave tips.

Next issue is the feedback and rating. I have order completed in the beginning of the month and i never receive feedback witch was strange as it’s regular client and he always leave feedback and rate my work. Guess what i just got it today after almost month.

Another funny and strange thing is that my new client just send me message that he left review and rate my work but the order still open and i can’t see anything.

Last one is the rating system. I wonder after i have over 50 positive 5 stars reviews and just one 4 stars how come this 4 stars change my overall rating to 99%. Surely is something really strange when come to rating calculation.

So i ask the support for explanation but they say that explaining rating system is not something they can share with me.

We all pay commission so it’s fare in my opinion to have all this issue resolved as i am sure it’s not only me having this problem.

The question is why nothing happening and this issues keep coming on regular bases?



With regards to tips, it might be that you have to do it right away, or maybe since he never did it before he didn’t do it in the right way. It is up to him to contact customer support on that issue. Have you ever bought a gig and wanted to leave a tip for the buyer, if so, then you can share with your own buyer how to do it.

Not all clients will always leave feedback all the time. It’s possible that they got busy that one week and didn’t do it. But then inside their Fiverr account maybe they were going through notifications and it says “to do” is leave feedback. It is not uncommon for a seller to get feedback several weeks after a gig is done.

As for this new buyer, why would he be telling you that he left a review and rating for you if the job is still open? If you haev not delivered the job why would he be even trying to review and rate, is it possible you sent him the job in the wrong way or something that the system did not close the order?

Well, if you have 50 reviews but one 4, that does not equal 100%. This doesn’t seem so strange.


on your main gig you have 44 reviews and it says you are at a 4.9

I would guess maybe if you get more and more 5 stars maybe that will then change to 5.0…but I am not sure why you said after 50 gigs above, as I only saw 44.

Also, just one thing to keep in mind is that even the best of the best talented sellers sometimes once in awhile get a review that is not a 5, it’s business, it happens :slight_smile:


Hi, i talk about my overall reviews from all gigs. However even my main gig have 45 now still don’t understand why when only one gig was rated with 4 stars the overall rating drop to 99%. I am not bother about having 4 stars. I know that is mission impossible to make everyone happy. trust me I’ve seen a lot during my working career.

So to clear for everyone. My question is about the rating system how it works.


You know i am tired of your support keep making things sound as you are never wrong. I will not complain if the client didn’t tell me that he try to leave tip twice. I will not complain if my client didn’t contact me and say i leave review. So i will leave it here, go on my holiday and just make more and more clients happy.

Thanks anyway for taking time to replay but not with the answers i was looking for.


Reply to @georgippetrov: Well, you need to be sending in a ticket to Customer Support to fix this. These are discussion forums, where other users try to help other users. What you are saying that your buyer tried to leave you a tip and cannot do it, that may be a technical problem that has to be fixed by Fivver. So you and your buyer should contact them each separately. Nothing can be done about that here.