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Tips on Behind the Scenes...?


I’m very new here on Fiverr, and I’m trying to have a gig in which I can edit someone else’s videos. I originally thought that you had to contact to them via email or some other means, but realized that you can only communicate throughout the website as otherwise it would violate the terms and conditions. I’m not exactly sure how that works, though. If a buyer wants to buy from me, how will they give me their video that they want edited? Also, once I do finish the request, how do I send it back to them? Is there a space limit to what you can attach?

I’d really appreciate it if someone explained to me the behind-the-scenes of the whole process. :] After all, I don’t want to use my first customer as a guinea pig and then mess up and ruin my standings.

Clients share their media by sending me a link to their dropbox file or folder. This can be done without sending personal information.

I deliver files up to 150 mb using the fiverr delivery system. If the file is larger, I send the client a dropbox link to the file or folder.

Good Luck. Welcome to Fiverr.