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Tips on Buyer Requests as a new seller

Hello Fiverr Community!

I recently just made a offer where i asked people to make a Blog Article for me though there was one small catch. I was only going to accept a genuine request from a Newbie Seller ( who was new to the platform) . The results i would say were shocking, but they really were not. I was expecting Newbies to show themselves better than the others. I think i was expecting too much from them. I left it there for 3 hours and in the end ended up with 146 Offers. I took a look at all of them and i split experienced sellers from New sellers.

I found A LOT of common mistakes from New sellers, but surprisingly included experienced ones. After reading all of them it felt like i was reading bot messages. It looked like I was looking at Copy Pasted content. Out of all 107 New posts only 13 were genuine with a lot of detail and with responses to what i asked for. This is a big problem to me, since people who are asking to get hired aren’t even dedicated to what they’re doing.

Here i am right now just wanting to give some Tips to any new Seller on this Platform

  • Read the Buyer Request before making an offer, as a really common mistake i found by new sellers I didn’t even see any words i used on Request which most likely means they haven’t read it and just Copied a pre-made Request.
  • Show yourself and what you offer in detail. The chances of you get chosen out of 150 people its never going to be 1/150, rather it will heavily depend on what you have to offer at a better price than others
  • Don’t Beg for the job, REALLY serious thing, not everyone but a couple of people started begging, not only on the Offer but even on personal DM’s. This is the worst thing you can do and you will probably get ignored or have your chances to be chosen go to 0.
  • Don’t make offers that you can’t take / aren’t your specialty. Buyer offers are shown after the Gig you have. This will not always mean that you will get something you can do. Sometimes you will get something on a language you don’t speak or get something which is close to what you do, but its got its own differences. Stay away from these offers, since as a new buyer you can only make 10 offers per day!

Really good sellers rarely go on the buyer requests, since they get organic orders. Most buyer requests are so bad anyway that the only strategy that makes sense is the shotgun approach, and for that to work it has to be a copy and paste job. You can’t expect anyone to spend a lot of time replying to buyer requests when they are mostly priced at $5 or $10. It eats into the bottom line.

Those results are entirely expected.


Great time and great information thanks :blush:buyer request


I agree with you. On occasion I pop in to see what’s going on in the buyer requests. I just end up feeling insulted lol. Although when I first started, it was a way to uncover the process and meet buyers.


While I understand the idea behind buyer requests (“I need something done and there are no gigs specifically for it”), I still feel they undermine the entire idea behind Fiverr. If I wanted to be bidding on projects, there are a lot of freelance platforms with better conditions, lower fees, etc.

The idea behind Fiverr, and its differentiating factor, is to be a storefront, where you can show your services and get contacted directly by potential clients. Buyer requests go against that completely. It’s not coherent with the design philosophy of the platform itself.

And it’s even worse - they seem to generate a lot of problems. Sellers posting there offering services, bottom of the barrel prices, the worst sellers lining up to reply with copy paste jobs to every single request… It paints a very unprofessional picture of the platform for any new buyer that doesn’t know any better.

Finally, and worst of all, it doesn’t even make sense for the majority of services. If you want to order a pizza, you don’t go on an app and post a request for a pizza. You go on an app, you check the different pizza places offering their services, and order from one of them.


Yes i completely agree with you.

The only reason i created this thread is because i am worried of the spam people do by copying and pasting stuff directly on the Buyer Offers. This is more of a personal thing because me myself even when i used to work on my other account ( which i closed for security issues )

I used to do a lot of Buyer requests for a long time when i started. Then i started realizing that it is useless to actually do Buyer Offers because so many useless offers from others hide the offers people actually worked for. That is the only thing that offends me a lot, because me myself even now if i feel like going into the Buyer Requests i actually take a look at what they want from us and any sources and then write a genuine offer with everything they ask and why they should chose me. Not only me, but even others work get burred by spammers which makes people remove their Buy Offers without choosing a worker.

Which brings me to another point that I’ve found. I have lately seen people who just spam the same Offer over and over again which is certainly a scam and they don’t really need a person to work for them. That is a really big issue because i’d say >30% of the Buyer Requests are scams

-Much appreciations for the feedback


I stopped going there when I upped my prices and there’s no option to filter by price. I don’t want to even see any requests under $500 or so. 95% of the requests are $5-$10 dollars. I’ll pass.


When you say “107 New posts” do you mean 107 offers from new (unleveled sellers)? Or if not, how many offers did the request get from new (unleveled) sellers?


Really agree to that, you are also a Pro seller so you don’t really need a kickback by doing Buyer offers which is a really neat thing on your part.
Buyer offers on my opinions could be a kickback to get the first sales on your Gig to settle in for better positions, but other than that I don’t think it should be used


Yes, to get the first couple of orders/reviews, it can make sense. But after that… not so much.


Yes, i got 146 total offers in the span of 3 hours, and 107 of them were level 0 ( New Seller shown ) and others were people with a couple of sales.
That doesn’t mean they’re level 1 since they need to be at least 30 days old, but i personally wanted to give a chance to new people on Fiverr to get their first sale and move their ranks on the Search Engine ( since a sale makes a really big difference). Other than i didn’t really do anything besides cancel it.


Actually speaking of Buyer Requests.
I’ve been stuck for over 3 days with this Blogging website, because they don’t want to accept my final product.
(Me being who i am i offered 5 revisions).
This is bad enough since I’ve completed this job 5 days ago and have been trying to give it to them.
The first time i thought " eh, its a picky customer and wont accept anything right away ".
They asked me after i showed them my work on my SEO work and how many relevant keywords i had used. I told them that I’ve only used 8 ( in a 500 word document, 5 articles ), me myself i thought that was little since he asked for better optimization, so i worked a few hours trying to optimize the Document and in the end i increased the number of Relevant Keywords.
The next day i told him the results from that and he still seemed to not be happy, which really frustrated me. I’ve never before on my career on Fiverr been asked to redo something twice.
During this time i got into a little debate with them, since i didn’t want the blog to be bombarded with keywords, since that is a bad thing and really wont attract anyone as well as a perfectly written post which will appear at the same place as the one they’re asking.
I went against my motives and actually bombarded the Blog posts.
This is the last time i actually did anything with them, because when i gave them the articles again they seemed to like it and said “Send us the articles themselves written so we can examine carefully”
At that point i knew they were just trying to get their work done by not paying a single penny.

I am more frustrated that i worked that much for something that in the end will not be used for anything else than another thing to add to my portfolio, since i really don’t care about the 50$ i was getting paid

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Thank you for your valuable advice


You guys can actually see buyer requests? :rofl:


Of course we can, the only way for someone to not be able to see buyer requests, is if they are banned from watching them ( spamming and breaking TOS ) or if their Gigs are REALLY specific with almost no interest on buying them on this platform, or not having a gig at all that impacts it too.

Still though your question sounds a bit ironic, please clarify it.

Yea I meant it as a joke sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thing is, the first day I didn’t get a single buyer request (whole day of refreshing every 20 minutes), and then one night 3 of them pop up at the same time.
I get accepted for one and then again the whole day of refreshing and not a single one and all tips I see are directed to buyer requests. :laughing:


Thanks for the advice. I appreciate the fact that you have given a chance to the new sellers to show their potential.
Could you please share the best ones with us? (if possible) I am just curious to know what made them stand out.


Hello, yes i can share them and tell my favorites from the bunch.

I took a look at everybody not only the new sellers, but even others though in the end i decided to stick with only accepting the offer of new sellers.I noticed that Level 1 sellers mostly had a template which they would use for their Offers, they would start with why i would want to accept their offer, but telling us why they would be good for the job in a really standard manner and then just giving some Copy&Paste showing their skills. Being honest that is completely okay with me and i totally accept the dedication to even read for 2 mins what others are writing.

Now for the most important part. I looked at all new sellers and picked 13 of my favorites. The only thing I’d say makes them better is that they carefully read what i asked on my Request and did something really close to the standard template, but explained better why they should be chosen and actually gave some examples of their work which i think is perfect if you are a New Seller, since it is hard for new sellers to get accepted from the Requester and some proof of their past work really settles people and gives more trust to them. Yes, not all of them followed this template for example particular person made a request with 1000 words which i think its a bit much, but still genuinely caring about a job really makes me happy.

The conclusion of this reply is:
Buyer Requests are great for starting out, since the first couple of sales are easier to be made there.
Making a buyer request should consist of the content they want replied to them and why you should be chosen yourself in <300 words. You could add some proof of your work if you had no past sales and do it consistently, but not in a spammy way.

-Hope you have a good day :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the details. I agree that having a good portfolio saves time for both buyers and sellers.

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Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely take those things into my mind.

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