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Tips on buying on fiverr... from a seller


-BE SPECIFIC… the first time. I have buys give me a bad review because I didn’t wow them on the first go. This is always because they did not communicate their needs the first time. Always over communicate what you need!

-DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR REVISIONS. I once had a buyer who said they like the logo, then never used it. If you don’t like it, just say something.

-BE NICE. I always am willing to WAY up and beyond for customers are nice.

-PROMISE A TIP. You’re paying $5 a service… why not offer $5 more? When a seller tells me they would like to offer a tip, I usually give them my gig extras for free. Here something even a little more sneaky: don’t tell the seller how much you’re going to tip.

IF THEY GAVE YOU A GOOD PRODUCT AND HAD GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, GIVE THEM A FIVE STAR REVIEW: I cannot stress this enough. Customers will give me a four star review, saying that I had good customers service, and they like the logo I designed. Then why didn’t you give me 5 star review??? Anything under 5 stars hurts the sellers business. Do not give them anything less, unless the experience was really bad.

IF AN ORDER IS LATE, DON’T FREAK OUT. As long as the seller has good communication with you, a late order is not a big deal. Sometimes things come up, and I can’t deliver a logo in 48 hours.

If buyers follow these tips, your experience buying on Fiverr will be much more pleasant… and rewarding. Let me know your experience with sellers! If you have any more questions for a seller, leave them below and I will answer them!


Just remember there’s such a thing as too much information. If you’re an artist and need a stage name, you don’t need to attach 20 pictures. LOL Just your website or a current name, or a brief description of what you want, what you like, what you don’t like, should suffice. And yes, be specific.


Reply to @jansverre:

jansverre said: you say promise a tip, how is it possible to give this tip?

One way is to first look and see if the seller has a gig just for tips. Many sellers do and they'll often by named things like "buy me coffee" or "tip gig" or similar. If the seller doesn't have a tip gig, you can also give them extra by placing a second order on the gig you already bought but make sure to write to the seller and let them know you don't expect work for the re-order and are just doing it to give them extra money because they already did a great job. It's a really nice thing to do.


hello and thank you for the tips! I am new to fiverr, but have used digitalpo… for 8 years to buy my services. Your tips are good, most of them are things that fall me naturally, but you say promise a tip, how is it possible to give this tip? I have only comissioned 1 work and that is due tomorrow so Im not sure how it looks when it is finished but do you get an option there?

Also I have a question for you as a seller - I read other tips on here that it is a good idea to ask seller a question before ordering, I have tried this but I havent got answer from any of them yet ( just going 1 day or so, but still)

Also a question - is it normal not to hear anything from seller after comissioning work? I was promised 3 days turnaround on the beforementioned order I have placed, but have heard nothing from seller. I am used to getting some sort of communication after ordering work.

I am sorry for bringing you my I know stupid questions, but you said, ask and you will answer :slight_smile:


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Love this tip!


Reply to @cole99: Thank you. I saw your profile, you have really nice logos, you must be a real graphic designer as opposed to somewhere with a logo software, I’ve seen those.

Thank God there’s no software for writing headlines or copy in general. There is software that can take 500+ words and mix them up to make them look unique, but the results are often ugly.