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Tips on finding map creation!


Hello, this is Tyler.

I’ve been searching from the very top of the mountain of Fiverr and under da sea for somebody who will use AutoREALM to create new pieces of my continent, adaptations and weekly work. And yet, i am yet to find a person who will do this task, where should the Fiverr people send me to find services like these?


The issue is that the map is constantly expanding, changing and needs adaptations. This means that i need the progream to be flexible and easily shipped from one person to another for adaptations etc, etc. I’ve also sent out a fiverr gig request, and I’ve gotten people that contacted me but then they never replied or didn’t even bother with reading what i put down.

Its pretty infuriating when your talking about buying cereal and somebody offers you waffles, and that they are incapable of giving you cereal.