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Tips on fiverr, How?

Hi everyone.

How do buyers often give tips here. Is it by ordering an extra gig?

When you deliver an order and buyer accepts it then Fiverr will ask them if they’d like to give a tip.
It’s up to a buyer if they give a tip or not.


Thanks for your response.
Will fiverr remove 20% from the tip also?

The answer is yes they do deduct 20%.


While Delivering your work
Leave a small message like:
“Feel free to tip me”
Then buyer will pay you a tip if he wanted to…

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I would never do that. If the buyer feels like you have done an exceptional job and that you deserve a tip, they will give you a tip without you having to say anything.

Your work should show that you deserve to be tipped. Let your work do all the talking!


I agree with that but most of the time they want their work done and that’s all.
They don’t think about tiping or else.
So that is just a remainder i guess…

Because that’s what they’re paying for? And the service fee of course. :slightly_smiling_face: