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Tips $$ on Fiverr

Hi all! I recently got my first 2 tips on Fiverr (this is after quite a few gigs, all with 5 star reviews). I wanted to share how I got those tips and ask you guys how you get tips on Fiverr.

My first tip was from someone who has used Fiverr at least a few times before as a buyer. She was very kind and asked for a few revisions as well as my input about the work, which was a larger project. I would have gladly completed the work with a tip, but it made it so nice to work with her! It seemed that she was used to tipping on Fiverr, and it made me wonder how many sellers get tips on Fiverr and how often?

My other tip was from someone whose work I completed EXTRA fast without him asking. Most of my work on Fiverr is delivered 24 hours or less, and since that is a small window already, I cannot do it much faster. I think I will make it a priority to finish gigs fast whenever I can, which may help me get more tips. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

I would love to hear from you how often do you get tips? And, do you do anything specifically in order to try to get tipped? Looking forward to hearing your stories!

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One such experience, yes. Plus buyers are generally happy and leave nice reviews when they get what they need faster than expected. On the other hand, if you deliver a lot faster than stated in your gig, some buyers seem to take it for granted, and get upset if you don’t deliver as fast as the first time (but, of course, they’re not willing to purchase extra fast delivery, they seem to think that you somehow owe it to them to deliver in a few hours).


thanks for sharing this information :smile:

I totally agree with this.

Fast Delivery is good.

Deliver too fast (without a RUSH Fee) and they take you for granted and expect you to do that every time.


Hi @elisemark,

I had 2 almost identical situations:

  1. Buyer was with a profile picture, very kind, not the first time ordered a Gig.

  2. As my lot of gigs are under 24 hours - I actually deliver within 1-2 hours and they go crazy about that in a positive way + Tip guaranteed. :slight_smile:

Basically I don’t do anything special to get Tips. I’m working like: “Deliver nothing less but something more”. No matter if that “more” is just an additional Revision, Free Tips, Ideas.

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Congratulations! That is so nice! Wish you lots of happy sales and generous tips!

To answer your question, in order to get more tips, I think one needs to deliver awesome work every single time and hopefully buyers will appreciate the good work. I think tips are not a regular thing for most on Fiverr. But it also depends on how much you charge for your gigs. Probably $5 or $10 can get tips more often.

As a seller I always see tips as a nice surprise; I avoid to expect. Because expectation is the mother of disappointment :slight_smile: As a buyer, I have only tipped sellers that over-deliver, excellent quality work, and on time.

By the way, I have just listened to your gig-samples. Lovely voice indeed!

Friendly note: you have written “Fivver” in your title. You can edit fortunately, to make sure other users won’t think this might be a click bait :slight_smile: I am not saying you did it on purpose! Maybe you haven’t noticed it.

Really learned a important lesson…patience! Thanks @elisemark

Thank you for the typo catch, as well as your feedback! I appreciate it!:+1::pray::smiley: