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Tips on having an outstanding experience with a Seller!

Hello there fellow fiverr users!

I am a seller and i thought about putting this here ! Since there are things that i see are required to have an amazing experience !

1- Good grammar :

When ever you start your discussion with a seller, make sure you spell things right, also punctuation and related things! As a seller it gives me the impression that the buyer is serious.

2- Being polite :

When the buyer is polite to the seller, it makes the discussion easier and more comfortable. For my own point of view, being polite with the seller, gives them confidence and they’ll be able to give their ideas more comfortably.

3- Asking for good rating : Last but not least, asking for a good rate, i see this as very good because you want to make sure your amazing experience is not wasted, because surely you both deserve it. As i always say at the end of a deal " A good rating is always appreciated " And i always do the same, with my buyer! Both sides will be happy with having good rates, right ?!

I hope my little tips helped you ! If you have any please suggest them down below in the comment, would love to hear some !

Have a nice day :slight_smile: !

I totally agree!

I especially love point #1. Proper spelling and grammar shows professionalism, but it also makes communicating more effective. I find instructions much easier to follow when I don’t have to wade through numerous typos, especially when dealing with design projects.

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I prefer not to have “outstanding experience” as I am tired of it. Don’t know how it became so popular but more than half of my recent reviews are “outstanding experience”… Seems like that “outstanding” word has no synonym in English language :smiley:

Reply to @vainpaper: I am really happy you agree !

Proper spelling and such are very important.

Reply to @m2webs: Well it just describes how amazing the experience was !

I don’t rate my buyers with “Outstanding experience” i just say how it was, though!

Reply to @ujonline: How about you don’t spam?

Reply to @m2webs: Some buyers don’t bother with actually saying what their experience with you was like, they just click 5 stars and Fiverr automatically writes Outstanding Experience.

I really didn’t know that fiverr automatically adds that, lol. Actually I made a lot of orders on fiverr and bought many services but never gave only stars but actually try to write something nicer and longer.