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Tips on how to appear in the first pages of research

Hello everyone!

I have completed various orders on my gig , achieved a 5 star review in each one of them, I have no cancellation and a good response rate . Nevertheless, when I try to search it , it appears on page 6, after gigs that don´t even have a single review. Why does that happen and tips on how to improve it?

Thanks in advance


Hello Elendr,

I would ensure that the keyprases you are trying to target are mentioned in the URL, title and description of the Gig. I would also try to keep the gig description detailed with lengthy content at least 500 - 800 words ( minimum). You can also include FAQ’s etc. A good place to start is by taking full advantage of the features Fiverr offer to you. Also make sure your titles pop so you can improve your click through rates from advert to landing page.

Thank you very much I will try to improve these details