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Tips on how to avoid bad reviews

Hello there, fellow sellers!

I’ve been here for about five months and I’m close to my 100th order. I know now that bad reviews can be a nightmare, they get stuck in your profile forever, so I wanted to share with you some tips about avoiding them. I established those tips throughout delivering orders and working with a lot of buyers. They’re long but they’re worth it, I promise.

1.First of all, always, always, like always, get as much instructions as you can from your buyer. Ask questions and get things straight. Think about the service you will provide, and what you will need to achieve that. Sometimes buyers simply forget or ignore including some instructions, this will result in an unsatisfying outcome for them, and a bad review (God forbid!) for you.

2.Try to include a note in all your gigs encouraging buyers to contact you before submitting their order. This way you can guide them through better pricing, better delivery time, thus a better work experience. You can also decline unwanted services or orders that are somewhat unrelated to your work. In short, you can be the one in control!

3.Communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more. Always get in touch with buyers throughout the delivery period, let them know you’re working on their order and that you care. And always try to respond quickly. Let them feel that their order is the only one in your Queue :wink:

  1. UNLIMITED REVISIONS with no extra charge: Especially if you’re new to fiverr and don’t have a lot of orders in your queue, when you offer unlimited revisions, buyers will sense that you won’t give up on them until they’re completely satisfied with the outcome. I know that revisions can be stressful sometimes, and they can feel like working extra hours for free, but I promise you that they’re worth it. Especially when working in graphic design. The buyer will love working with you, and is more likely to work with you again.

  2. NO REVIEW IS BETTER THAN A BAD REVIEW : when you sense that you’ve made some mistakes or that you haven’t given a certain order all your effort and attention. Don’t remind you buyer to write a review.

6.Don’t be afraid to CANCEL: And I mean before-delivery cancellations. At a certain point in you order, you might realize that this is simply not working for you or something emergent came up and you know that you won’t be able to deliver on time! This is fine! Explain to your
buyer with honesty why you want to cancel, and he’s more likely to mutually cancel the order. And it will be like it never happened.

7.Try your best to avoid late deliveries: always organize you time properly and try to better estimate your delivery time in your gigs and in your offers.

8.Finally, after a lot of practice and months of dealing with buyers, you will establish a gut feeling! You will be able to sense a bad review before your buyer even submits his order. This happened to me a lot of times, for example, when a buyer doesn’t have a clear understanding of the service he wants, or when he doesn’t communicate well with you or rarely responds, or when he seems more time consuming than he should be.

That was long! But I can go on forever, I really want to share a lot of important tips I came upon through my modest experience here, I hope you found any or these helpful for your fiverr work.

Let me know what you think and I will try to post regularly.


Hi roaakh!
It was very nice tips,
My personal experience is miscommunication is one of the main reason for getting negative feedback. The second main reason is the poor description of the gig,


Sure I totally agree.

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Really true. Nice post. Thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I actually like this tip. Very good! Thumbs up.

Good stuff here.

Thank you, Glad to help!

Thanks! I’m happy to share them with you!

Be cautious of who you select. I have had many good experiences and one extremely bad experience that cost me 340.00 for something completely unusable from LazyGeeker. I would not recommend her services even though Fiverr will not allow me to change the star rating. I am now having to find other media to voice my complaint. Very disappointed!

I am very sorry for what happened to you, but you can always cancel orders and get a refund. And I assure you that not all sellers are like that, most of us work hard to satisfy customers and get their work done properly and efficiently.

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Really good tips


nice to read those things, which i never know, im very new to fiverr, can i still cancel the order after delivery ?

Totally agree!

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Useful post!

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if u need to cancel (im assuming ur a seller), first click on 'request mutual cancellation’
there you have space to write the buyer a message. be as nice as possible and explain why you can’t deliver (or deliver on time, in which case, they might want to reorder after this is cancelled).
If it is a mutual cancellation, it will not affect you negatively. What will, is delivering late / bad reviews/ regular cancellation.

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Time is money, I do not want the time spent on revision.
Because all that is written in the gig is purchased.
One of the points above I do not agree

Nice post, very useful.

Really good tips for every seller. Thanks