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Tips on How to be Proactive on Fiverr


Hi All!

I am still in my first month on Fiverr and I am interested on discussing tips about how to stay proactive on Fiverr. I believe staying proactive is the key to success! Though some of these might not directly generate clients, they will hopefully provide some tools that will lead to more clients. So far, I have:

  1. Edited my video to improve it.
  2. Read the Rules for the Forum.
  3. Introduced myself on the Fiverr Intro page.
  4. Read some helpful posts (and sorted through some that were not so helpful).
  5. Checked out at some other Fiverr gigs both the same and different from my own.

How do you stay proactive? Looking forward to your answers!:grinning:



I hope you’ve gone through Fiverr’s ToS, too. You could also take part in meaningful conversations with other forum members via the different threads that are created.