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Tips on how to get my first order

Am new here on Fiverr and i heard is a great platform to sell anything you are offering i.e Services.
Am very good in web and mobile design but since i listed my gig, i have not gotten an order or sales and i can’t wait to get one.

I don’t know were am wrong in my gig listing and is making me not to get any order.
please, if you can help me out and show me what i will do to improve my gig listing so that i can get my first order, i will really appreciate.
here is my gig link:

Thanks everyone and Success to all.


Web design is an extremely competitive niche. It can take a little while to establish yourself.

Your Gig looks quite good. I think you could improve it further by including samples of your past work, though.

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Thanks, i will do that.

you can marketing your gig that will be incrase you gig in pablic place

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@mzisshan what’s your suggestion on that? How will i go about that?

Just a little typo tip. Make sure that all the sentences in your profile description have the standalone letter I in the sentence and not i. This will look more professional.

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

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@lloydsolutions Thanks, i will work on that

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You didn’t add any of your previous work sample on your gig. You should add some portfolio sample like the screenshot of your previous work. I recommend to reduce your work price a little. Also add some starter gig for a small task like bug fixing, CSS fixing etc.


@wp_kid Thanks i really appreciate.

Use buyer request regularly


@sheryar1998 i use buyer request always but nothing so far.