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Tips on how to promote your gigs

I’m trying to get a list of different great ideas to promote your gig.

I have been using social media, specially have opened an instagram, twitter and Facebook account that I have been using to promote my gigs I can certainly feel the difference any more ideas?

  • Open social media accounts for your profile

I’m on the same boat. I tried on fb groups and pages but nothing happened. Should we try on craiglist or similar? Anyone tried there? I’m running out of options too

What I’ve had the best success at takes some time and effort but engages a real audience. I join off-Fiverr forums related to my expertise. I don’t mention Fiverr or even use a signature at first. I try to become a member of those forum communities and offer advice, answer questions, etc.

After people know “me” then I gradually start adding my Fiverr profile in a signature. If that goes well (and is within their forum guidelines) I start adding little taglines like “Discounts to those who mention this forum in your first order or message!”

I find that I get more hits and better paying clients from those who already have interest in my subject matter, and even more so when they know I’m a real person. I get more out of 10 targeted contacts (which might turn into 3 paying customers) than I do from putting social media ads that are seen and ignored by 100 fast-moving Twitter followers. The paying targeted clients send me referrals too, leading to more sales. :slight_smile:

I am agree with @fonthaunt

I like the discounts idea plus its a great way to measure how much it works.

Has anyone tried forums that they can recommend?

I have decided to treat my gigs as a business even in te promotion and have developed a marketing plan for my fiver gig, now that I have my strategy I Will start to apply it. Ill let you know how what effect it has.

nice tip thanks admin

Episode 31: Boosting Sales with Facebook
Generating sales with Facebook takes a lot of work. Here are some tips to help you get started.

This week, hosts Redd ( and Adam ( are joined by Laura (, to discuss Facebook as a promotional tool and offer some do’s and don’ts for promoting your business on Facebook.

Just thought it goes perfectly with the discussion

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I have been buying facebook adds for my gigs and it has worked nicely.