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Tips on How to Stay More Productive When You Worked at Home Alone as Freelancer!

:v: Hey freelancers! :slight_smile:

How we know sometimes freelance job forces us to stay in our homes in front of a computer working alone, unlike an office where we can share our workspace with other people. What is if we will take a pet :dog2: in our life, I think we will be little bit happier! :hugs: So, here is 3 Benefits of having a furry freelance buddy! :eyes:

:heavy_check_mark: Less lonely – Having a pet around means that we’ll always have some degree of social interaction, whether it’s your cat resting on your knee while you research, or your dog enthusiastically greeting you when you finish on a call.

:heavy_check_mark: Stress relief – It’s been proven that having a pet around a workplace reduces stress and relaxes you.

:heavy_check_mark: Increases performance – If you’re less lonely and less stressed, it stands to reason that you’re likely to be more productive and that you’ll produce better work.

:point_up: It’s up to you to decide if a pet is the right freelance companion for you and it’s never a decision to be taken lightly – always ensure you can properly look after your pet before you commit. :wink:


Other benefit for me is I have more time with my family and I can involve them in my work. And I have two dogs XD.


Can confirm this is true.

My cat likes to sleep on my foot, which is fine by me, because I’m always much more productive when I don’t have cold feet. :smiley:


In my country, many people hate anything looking like a feline especially cats. So maybe a dog will be OK 4 me, I have a terrier though.
It dances at night, it sleeps during the day.


I feel like such a sociopath writing this but being “lonely” in my process is one of my favourite things about being a freelancer. :)) This is what I consciously strived to build for myself for years.

That being said, I had cats my entire life and I highly recommend to own one or two if you’re not allergic and don’t mind being ignored from time to time.


You’re so right, in my experience! I get a lot done with my dog in my lap and a cup of tea on my desk. These things also help through the stress of the odd difficult buyer.

Thanks for making me smile! Now, where did my dog go??


I haven’t yet been able to make freelancing my primary source of income… one of my motivations to get there is adopting a dog!


I just had a vision of my dog on my desk and the cup of tea in my lap!

Obviously yours is a well behaved dog!

Pets are great stress busters! :slightly_smiling_face:


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I’m happy to bring you that vision! My dog is indecisive, but when he decides to stay in my lap he’s a doll and a joy to work with. He’s my assistant.


My fluff buddy is great because she loves naps so I don’t have to worry about her being to loud while I recorded my voice over stuff!


I only have goldfish. They do nothing for my productivity.

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Hi! I have a dog too and she has for sure helped with being alone and working!

On a sidenote for us individual freelancers, Has anyone used the website called Alignable to find more clients? I am trying to expand my client base but I don’t use social media.

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I had alot of orders, but now it droped. I had a order every day. Now its nothing :frowning:

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Thank you for your advice. But it has some disadvantages too.

Last month I have lost my Hamster on the way from the vet. She was always with me, as much as she cheered me up, her death took a toll on me. I am feeling heartache while writing this too. I was too attached to her I guess. After her death, for a while, I couldn’t do anything everything in my room reminded me of her, I even lost my appetite since I used to share veggie and fruits with her often. I have decided not to get any pet ever again. It’s better being alone than living in pain.


I’m sorry for your loss. Grief is the price we pay for love. :frowning:


haha, love this. My house is too small for pets though, no space for things like litter boxes…

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