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Tips on improving my logo gig?

I recently decided to offer my logo making services as well! However, have not made logos for commission before, only for friends and personal projects. Wanting to know if my gig is well set up and I’m advertising properly! :smiley:

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Alright… how have you been advertising? What advertising have you been doing?

I’ve been sharing it on the main social medias I use for commissions (discord and amino) and i’ve been just advertising that I make custom logos! Don’t really have much elsewhere to advertise aha

You need to be figuring out where your target customers are located – the people who need YOUR logos. You have a unique style. Where do you think the people who need your unique style of logo can be found? Are there topical forums that you can get involved with, build up a reputation, and then share your work? Are there bloggers who you might be able to offer your services to, in exchange for a post they write about your designs? Are there galleries or design competitions where you can share your work with others who need what you have to offer?

There are ALWAYS targeted places to market and advertise your services. You just need to be willing to take the time to research and discover them. :wink:

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thank you so much!! I’ll look into it! :smiley:

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