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Tips on Improving Your Gig?

Greetings! I am currently working on my gig, but I want it to be professional, and I am still extremely new to Fivver, so I humbly ask for tips for betting myself on Fivverr and improving my gig.

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:point_up_2: There are a lot of archived threads for this but I’ll also give my two cents.

  • The thumbnail must be striking. Rather than putting your absolute best artwork, put the one that has the most attractive colours or composition. Crop it a little closer to something like 1.6 than 16:9 ratio, because it stretches, and in some cases where visuals are important make sure the main stuff is in the centre of it - inside an imaginary square - and not at the borders. This last one is because the BR thumbnails are square.
  • Write a good description, medium length, no frills - the rest is for the FAQs.
  • More FAQs: appreciated.
  • Appropriately price. Do not necessarily strive for the 5$ look just because you’re starting out. And for an artist like you, the three package option is obviously better than the single one.
  • Choose the right number of revisions you can handle, and make sure you can calmly do your thing within the estimated timings and not in a hurry. Start “loose”.
  • Some gigs are fit for Buyer Requests, others grow much more slowly and are mainly found through search. It depends on the type of services you offer: try to understand what you should expect.
  • Sponsoring on social media, linking the gig to your friends, etc. is all up to you.
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Thank you both very much for the assistance- I greatly appreciate it!